Aston Martin officially drives into India, offers India’s most expensive car!

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Aston Martin has announced an official entry into the Indian market. The company has entered India with Mumbai based Infinity Cars, importers of high end luxury yachts and owners of BMW showrooms in the cities of Mumbai and Indore. Aston Martin will sell its cars in two major cities to start with – Mumbai and Delhi. While the Mumbai dealership gets operational from today, the Delhi dealership will come into being in May 2011.The Mumbai showroom for the company will be located at Kemps Corner, while the after sales office will operate out of Worli.
The company has a target of selling 50 cars in the Indian market in the first year. 30 cars have already been delivered of these – a great number for the exclusive sports car brand. Aston Martin has also brought to India the ultra-exclusive one-77 model, only 77 of which will be made and delivered in the entire world. The car has been priced at a Veyron beating Rs 20 crore in India, the highest price for any production car in India.


Here’ the official minimum ex-showroom price of Aston Cars in India

V8 Vantage – Rs 1.55 crore
Rapide – Rs 2.15 crore
DBS – Rs 2.5 crore
DBS Convertible – Rs 2.7 crore
One 77 – Rs 20 crore

You can read all about Aston Martin’s entire car range in our previous post here.

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