VIDEO: 100-Car Pile-up results in two deaths, leaves 45 injured

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Korea Vehicle Pile-Up - 1

A 100 car pile-up in South Korea has resulted in two deaths and has left 45 people injured. The pile-up took place on a bridge near South Korea’s largest international airport. Initial reports suggest that the cause of this mishap is dense fog. Authorities said that icy roads were also a factor.

Korea Vehicle Pile-Up - 4

A cab driver, Yoo Sang-Young, who suffered in the pile-up told Yonhap news agency, “I heard a series of bangs in front of me. Then I was rear-ended by a following car. I felt my car turning around and hitting a protection rail. I then lost consciousness.”

“I slowed down but still rammed into the cars piled up in front of me,” another driver added.

Korea Vehicle Pile-Up - 3

Here is the rescue video which shows the aftermath of the entire mishap. You can clearly see the fog even in the rescue operations:

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