VDO: Lamborghini LP550-2 has some fun

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There is a certain old man called Mr. Vanlentino Balboni who, like many other behind-the-scenes legends, is less known amongst motor-heads – even those who simply love the creations he has contributed to. Simply put, this man’s job was to make sure that all the Lamborghinis that roll out of Italy stay true to their character and remain as astonishing and fun to drive even today when the electronics have taken over pretty much everything. But while you would expect that Mr. Balboni has amassed a lot of goodwill while doing so, we would like to differ. Valentino Balboni is undoubtedly one of the most envied guy on this planet, garnering jealousy of millions of petrol heads like you and us, for afterall, there is no other man on this planet who has put equal or higher number of miles behind the wheels of one of best line of supercars ever made!

As a token of appreciation for his work as a test driver at Lamborghini for the last forty years (YES! 40 years of Lambo mayhem), the Italian carmaker churned out a special edition in Lamborghini Gallardo a few months back with the suffix ‘Valentino Balboni edition’. What’s more, they dumped Audi’s four wheel drive system and instead gave the 550 horses a pure rear wheel drive system to play with! The result? Well, our imagination is wild as yours…what’s even wilder is Mr. Balboni at the wheel is of his prized possession:


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