VDO: 2-horsepower Hummer!


Hummer two horsepower carriage

So you think the Hummer is an icon when it comes to big brawny SUVs? Fair enough (atleast as far as sheer size is concerned)! You have also seen these big brawny Hummers transform into stretch Limos too for those mega-buck earning hip hop artists, or probably the pink Hummers made for their booty shaking lases. But have you thought about the aftermath for the Hummer after GM suddenly decided to abandon the brand? Or worse still, have you thought what might the future look like after these Americans have used up all the fuel in their large, practically pointless V8s and V12s? Well, a certain artist (and engineer if we may call him so) called Jeremy Dean has the answer for you! And since a video speaks more that a thousand pictures, here it goes:


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