Uttar Pradesh: Man loses control of car while having sex, kills himself, severely injures passenger


Sex in car kills driver

A 31 year old man lost his life and ended up severely injuring the passenger after he lost control of the car they were travelling in collided head-on with a truck. The duo, from Pilibhit district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, were reportedly having sex inside the running car when the mishap occurred.

The incident reportedly occurred on the Pilibhit-Puranpur highway, after the man picked up his female companion from Pilibhit. It was near the Kathna bridge that the driver of the car lost control before colliding head-on with the mini-truck. The local police believe that the low visibility due to the darkness on Monday night might have played a significant role in the unfortunate incident.

truck accident

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While the driver of the vehicle, aged 31, from Puranpur lost his life on the spot due to the seriousness of the injuries, the passenger, a 24 year old girl, sustained serious injuries and is now said to be out of danger. The girl received a deep gash on her head apart from fracturing one of her legs. A police officer was quoted saying that the couple was allegedly having sex in the car when the accident occurred. Both the man and the woman were found naked waist down when they were being removed from the mangled remains of the car.

An FIR has been filed at the local police station against the driver of the mini truck with an offence for rash driving. One of the officers at the site said that it were the local residents of the nearby Bengali colony who dashed out of their homes after they heard a loud sound of a crash. They attempted to rescue the passengers of the car but the driver had already lost his life by the time.

Source: Times of India

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  • Sunil sunny says:

    Well This is what know know as Fu***d up Big time… 😛

  • Abhishek saraf says:

    If they were having sex while driving why was a vase of rash driving filed against the mini trucks driver.. this is soo lame.