Used tyres to help create better batteries: Studies

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Used car/motorcycle tyres are likely to fetch you more value than you thought as the waste product can be used to create better batteries. A new study conducted by Indian scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory say that the carbon black recovered from discarded tires can be used to make anodes for improved lithium-ion batteries.

A team led by Parans Paranthaman and Amit Naskar is responsible for developing a method to modify the microstructural characteristics of carbon black to create better anode for lithium-ion batteries. The team produced a small battery for testing in the laboratory which showcased surprisingly improved results.

Speaking about this new study, Paranthaman said, “Using waste tires for products such as energy storage is very attractive not only from the carbon materials recovery perspective but also for controlling environmental hazards caused by waste tire stock piles.”

Adding his thoughts on this new product, Naskar said, “This technology addresses the need to develop an inexpensive, environmentally benign carbon composite anode material with high-surface area, higher-rate capability and long-term stability.”

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Source: ET Auto

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