Upcoming BMW 1-Series sedan will compete with the Audi A3 and the Merc CLA

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BMW 1-series spy pictures (1)

BMW sensed the hollow space in its portfolio, as there was no three-box product in its line-up to compete against the Audi A3 and the Mercedes CLA. So a set of of spy pics have now appeared which show the upcoming entry-level sedan from BMW being tested. This new car, codenamed the F52 NES, should logically be called the BMW 1-series Sedan, but you never know if the German manufacturer might favour the next available even number.

BMW 1-series spy pictures (3)

The BMW 1-series sedan will most likely share the UKL front wheel drive platform, which is in application on products like the new MINI range and the BMW 2-Series Active Tourer. Along with the platform, the entry-level sedan could also share gearbox and drive layout options. The UKL platform will also help releasing additional space in the new car.

BMW 1-series spy pictures (4)

The entry-level BMW sedan should be powered by three-cylinder and four-cylinder engines mated to six-speed manual, six-speed auto or eight-speed auto gearboxes and the power might be fed to the front wheels while an all-wheel drive variant could be offered too, since the CLA and the A3 come with 4MATIC and quattro options respectively.

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