Two people perish as drunk lawyer crashes her Audi Q3 into a taxi in Mumbai

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We have all seen those “Do not drink and drive” signs a million times. Some of us read them, whilst some think that they can handle their naughty drinks. The fact of the matter is that once your bloodstream is flooded with alcohol, there isn’t much your ego can do about it. Seems like a 35-year-old woman wasn’t paying much heed to this advice and caused the death of two innocent people.

Drunk woman in Audi hits taxi Mumbai (3)

You don’t want to be driving when drunk. Just don’t. 

The woman left her workplace in Nariman Point with a colleague at 7 in the evening. The lawyer then consumed some liquor and later bid adieu to her colleague. She then drove to Marine Drive and spent some time there. She proceeded towards her home in Chembur during the wee hours on 9th June in an intoxicated state. After much drunk driving, the 35-year-old entered the Eastern Freeway and inexplicably started driving on the wrong side of the road. She brushed past two cars near Shivaji Nagar Masjid and her Audi was now covering ground at 120 km/h.

Drunk woman in Audi hits taxi Mumbai (1)

The drunk lawyer escaped injuries thanks to the Audi’s airbags.

Driving the other way on the same stretch of the Eastern Freeway was a family of five. Still driving on the wrong side, the lawyer smashed into the taxi. Travelling at 120 km/h, the Audi decimated the front section of the taxi and the impact instantly killed the driver and fatally wounded his front seat passenger. Unlike the Audi which had airbags, a standard taxi in India doesn’t come with these inflatable life-savers. The lawyer, on the other hand, was immediately apprehended by an eyewitness and it wasn’t long before the police arrived. Thankfully, good samaritans present at the scene took the victims to Sion Hospital.

Drunk woman in Audi hits taxi Mumbai (2)

The smashed front end of the stricken taxi leaves little to be explained.

It is said that the inebriated lawyer even offered money to the injured and requested eye-witnesses to not call the cops. According to the police, the Chembur resident could barely stand on her own. She has been taken into custody and could face up to 10 years of time behind bars.

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