TVS unveils the RTR 180 ABS, RTR 160 racing concept, Qube hybrid scooter concept, 250cc Quad concept, and Scooty Streak Hybrid!

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Latest update- 6th Jan- 5:00 pm


TVS was the manufacturer at the expo who showcased a slew of new, usable technologies for India.

Not content with showing the recently launched Vego and the totally unique JIVE motorcycle, TVS also displayed the Qube 2.0 hybrid scooter concept. Yes, the Qube has been around some time, but this was the new improved version which has lost a lot of the flab that was on the first version and has morphed into an exceptionally sleek and pretty scooter that uses a projector lamp for illumination. TVS had also put up a cutaway model of the Qube powertrain to show how the mechanism functions. The Qube 2.0 is not going to come to a showroom near you just yet, but TVS has other technologies you will actually get to use, as opposed to technologies dangled before us by other manufacturers which don’t have a chance of coming here in any usable form for the near future.

A first for any Indian manufacturer is OE ABS equipped bikes – TVS had the ABS equipped RTR 180 on display. The racing 160 concept was also on display, complete with racing fairing and rearset fotpegs. A very neat touch is the TVS logo cut out of the aluminium extrusion on which the footpegs are mounted. They did not have to but they did.

concept quad was on display as well as a 250cc liquid cooled dirt bike (no, they are not going to be launched as of now, so don’t get those hopes up!). The scooter lineup was also on show, being represented by the Scooty pep, Vego and the Streak.

Along with the pre existing commuter line, the Jive was on display along with a cutout of the “T Matic” geared automatic engine that powers the bike. This bike has been covered in detailed by motoroids and is in a segment of it’s own, nothing similar having been launched in India before apart from the long deceased Hero Honda Street.


TVS Hammer Head QUAD Concept


apache 160

TVS RTR 160 Race Bike

Apache rtr

TVS RTR 250 FCX Dirt Bike

Apache Dirt

TVS Cube 2 Electric Hybrid Concept Vehicle


Live update-  5th Jan at 1.30 pm

As reported just a while back, TVS has launched the new 2010 Scooty Streak Hybrid at the Auto Expo 2010.

Scooty Streak Hybrid

TVS also revealed its plan to launch a variant of the Apache RTR 180 with ABS technology. The exact date of the launch of this variant however is still unknown. The firm has confirmed that the performance kits meant for the RTRs will hit the market in about 3 to four months. The possibility of the firm adding a 200cc to its existing range of motorcycles is very high. The motorcycle would probably be a high end version of the Apache RTR series itself. Another exhibit at the TVS stall was a quad christened Hammerhead. Its motor had a lot of resemblance to the TVS Apache engine. Stay tuned for more pictures of the TVS goodies.

Live Update-  5th Jan at 11.30 am- Scoop from Auto Expo 2010

We just heard that TVS will unveil the TVS Scooty Streak Hybrid today! Stay tuned for more updates…

TVS is also providing four models to choose from:

1. Electric Only: For short trips and zero-fuel consumption

2. Engine Only: When battery SOC is very low

3. Hybrid Electric Mode: Both sources run as per the programmed strategy

4. Hybrid Power Mode: Both engine and electric together for better acceleration


Motoroids at Auto Expo

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Performance Kits

The news of TVS launching performance kits for its RTR range of motorcycles has been doing the rounds for over a year. In fact, the manufacturer had invited automobile journalist in 2008 to test the kit and provide feedback. TVS will be displaying its performance kit and is expected to announce a launch date for the same.

tvs apache rtr 160 -

The reason for the delay in launching the products is technical in nature. Once equipped with the performance kit, both the RTR 160 and 180 are expected to give a tougher fight to their competitors on the race track. Another plus will be the pricing of its performance kit which won’t be as exorbitant in comparison to the pricing of Yamaha’s R15 performance upgrades.

tvs apache rtr 180 -

We believe the performance kit will enhance the power out by 3PS for both the motorcycles. The RTR 160 and 180 are both quick in a straight line and the performance package will only increase their acceleration prowess. The manufacturer has also been testing an Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) which is likely to be included in the performance upgrade options. The RTR with the ABS technology will be demonstrated at the Auto Expo. We hope that the performance kit also includes softer tyre compound which offer better grip around corners.

RTR 180 FI

The main attraction at the TVS stall will be the RTR 180 FI that will be on display. In comparison to the carbureted RTR 180, the FI variant will not sport any design or structural changes apart from some minor cosmetic stickering. The RTR 180 develops a max power of 17PS while peak torque output is 15Nm. The Fuel Injected version will have slightly more power and torque on offer for riders to exploit. There are no doubts about the performance capabilities of the carbureted RTR 180 and fuel injection will only increase the engine’s versatility and high altitude riding capability.

The RTR 180 FI will also offer improved mileage while lowering emissions. Fuel Injection will help the RTR 180 in gaining a linear power delivery which will also improve drivability. It will also prevent a drop in performance while traversing mountain roads.  TVS is likely to retail its new Fuel Injected offering for ninety thousand rupees. The manufacturer is expected to announce a likely launch date at the Auto Expo.

The Regulars

At the TVS stall, majority of space will be taken up by its existing range of motorcycles. Its entire product portfolio comprising of the Star City, Star Sport, Flame, RTR 160, RTR 180, along with its Scooty Pep+, Teenz and Streak. As per tradition one can expect the manufacturer to display its bikes in snazzy eye-catching colors. The main crowd pullers in this section will be the recently launched two-wheelers from TVS.

tvs wego -

The all new clutchless motorcycle featuring a rotary gearbox christened ‘Jive’ will be the cynosure of many eyes. The motorcycle is powered by the same Star City’s 110cc engine and offers electric start long with alloy wheels as standard. Vying for attention will be the non geared 110cc scooter ‘Wego’. This scooter features a fresh design and is a completely new offering from TVS. The Wego marks the manufacturer’s foray into the executive segment and will compete against Honda’s Aviator.

tvs jive -

Concept Motorcycle

Taurus F3:

tvs taurus f3 concept -

TVS has always utilized its stall at the Auto Expo to show off its concept two wheelers. At the 2008 Auto Expo, the manufacturer had displayed its concept christened ‘Taurus F3’.

tvs taurus f3 concept -

The concept was powered by a engine based on the Fiero platform.

Other Concepts:

A few other concepts displayed by TVS were the electric bike X-Fossil, electric scoot Qube, and a step-through Raptor concept. This time the company will be previewing a concept motorcycle in the 220-250cc engine capacity.

This concept will be based on the Apache platform and is expected to be launched shortly. The motorcycle will be equipped with all features currently offered on the RTR range. It will get clip on handle bars, front and rear petal disc brakes, snazzy color options and so on. As of now it there is no information on whether the engine will be carbureted or fuel injected. This yet to be launched concept clearly has the Bajaj Pulsar 220 and the Yamaha R15 in its sights. TVS will also display a solar powered auto rickshaw concept. You can find TVS at Hall 7B.

Auto Expo 2010

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