Tata Motors reveales the Indica Concept S, Magic IRIS concept, Prima concept, Aria, Venture & Indica EV at Auto Expo 2010

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Latest pictures from the Tata Stall – Updated on 6th Jan at 3.30 pm

The following pictures are of the Indica Concept S

tata indica concept s 2010 auto expo

tata indica concept s 2010 auto expo, motoroids

Magic IRIS Concept

tata magic IRIS 2010 auto expo, motoroids

tata magic IRIS 2010 auto expo, motoroids

tata magic IRIS 2010 auto expo, motoroids

Prima Concept

tata magic IRIS 2010 auto expo, motoroids

tata magic IRIS 2010 auto expo, motoroids

tata magic IRIS 2010 auto expo, motoroids

Tata Aria Revealed at the Auto Expo 2010:

tata aria - www.motoroids.com

The vehicle that started its life as the X-over concept has finally been presented to public in production ready form by Tata. What we called X-over till now has been rechristened the Aria by Tata and will be marketed as premium, spacious MPV with some interesting tech bits. The cross-over, as you can see, borrows some of the famial design lines of the Indica Vista and the Indigo Manza. The underpinnings come in the form of a 4×4 drive system and the 2.2-litre, 140PS, 320Nm DICOR mill. The Aria seats seven people and from what we saw at the expo, the interiors look stunning in flesh (more on that below)!

The Aria uses state-of-the-art safety tech like six airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP etc. on its top end variants. Creature comforts include rain-sensing wipers, light-sensing head and tail lights, surround sound entertainment system, built-in GPS, dual-stage aircon, climate control and cruise control. The Aria is slated to go on sale by April 2010 and will be take on the Xylo and the Innova.

tata aria - www.motoroids.com

The Xover follows the new Tata design language that features long, upswept tail-lamps. The lines at the front are reminiscent of the Tata Indica Vista and the Indigo Manza. There is nothing spectacular about the new vehicle as regards the external design, but it sure looks like a practical, sensible machine.

tata aria - www.motoroids.com

Powered by a 2.2 –litre DICOR engine, the Aria will boast 140 horses and 320Nm of twist. Transmission duties will be done by a newly developed 5-speed system which also features a ‘torque on demand’ 4×4. The interior design looks nice – much better than the Tata machines available on the market today. Go a little closer though, and you realize that the turnout isn’t all that great. The quality and finish of plastics leaves quite a bit to be desired. However, the Aria is big on space, and if priced right will create ripples in the MUV vehicles market.

tata aria - www.motoroids.com

The Aria is going to be a tech fest by Tata standards. It will feature the first ESP (electronic stability program) on a vehicle designed and developed by and Indian carmaker. Traction control, six airbags, ABS with EBD and rain sensing wipers are things that have been unheard on any Indian vehicle. Apart from these features, the Aria will come loaded with luxury features such as climate control cruise control, electronic trip computer and loads of other gadgets. If priced right, the Aria is capable of snatching the market share from not just some of the premium MUVs but also a few SUVs.

Tata Venture Unveiled at the Auto Expo 2010:


Venture is a new people mover introduced by Tata at the Expo.


The vehicle is powered by the 475 IDI turbo diesel engine which churns out 71bhp of power and 135 Nm of torque.


The Venture is an up-market van and can be bought in 5, 7 and 8 seater configurations.

tata venture - www.motoroids.com

The Venture is an up-market van and can be bought in 5, 7 and 8 seater configurations.

Tata Indica EV revealed at the Auto Expo 2010:


Tata also unveiled their Indica electric vehicle at the Expo, and should we say, we were impressed by the specs. The 100 percent battery powered vehicle is powered by a 55Kw motor that produces 140Nm of torque and is capable of propelling the car to a top speed of 128km/h. The acceleration isn’t too enticing at 4.5s for 0-30km/h and 9s for 0-60 but the highlight is the claimed range of 217 km within the city which should be good to keep you going for quite a few days without recharging if you don’t travel a very long distance to work. When let loose on the highway the range comes down to 160 km/h. The green credentials for the car look promising with a well-to-wheel emission rate of 12g CO2 for electricity generated in France. We sure would be interested in knowing what the figure is for electricity generated in India though.

Apart from the above models, the newly launched Sumo Grande Mark II, Indigo Manza Saffire and Quadrajet, Nano, safari and Xenon XT were also displayed at the Tata exhibit area. The attention paid to the Tata exhibit was just a shadow of last year, when the enormous hall booked by Tata was jam packed with journos with hundred of them waiting outside not being allowed in due to lack of space. But then again, a car like Nano takes birth in a decade.


Tata Motors have confirmed that they would unveil three new models at the Auto Expo. However the company remains tight lipped towards revealing any details about which three vehicles will be launched.

As Motoroids already reported two of these secret vehicles will be the new nano pick up truck, the Penguin and the Tata Indicruz crossover (X- over), the third one is speculated to be the new Indica Vista Ignis which will house a 1.4 litre FIRE petrol engine from Fiat.

Also making a buzz in the air is the expected launch of the ACE 110, which will don a 1.1 litre 3 cylinder engine based on the old Indica engine. Apart from this you could  also get to see the Tata Indica EV in flesh in the country’s capital.


Tata X-over at Auto Expo 2010

With the last Auto Expo’s memories still fresh in their mind, Tata will try their level best to attract as much crowd as possible with their new vehicles. Though it might not be as jam-packed as it was for the Nano launch, Tata’s exhibit will feature a range of vehicles that will showcase the company’s steady growth in terms of technology and vehicle design. The first of the lot and the most awaited, will be the X-over (Cross-over) in its full production glory. The MUV is based on the underpinnings of the upcoming Safari and will boast of features like a 4×4 drive, projector headlights that come on when it goes dark, rain sensing wipers, etc. The seven seater will take on tough competition like the Innova, Xylo and the Tavera. But from what we have seen so far, we are damn sure that the X-over has the potential to give its competition a serious run for their money. More details after the Expo…

Tata X-over at Auto Expo

Nano pick-up

Within two years of its unveiling, the Nano is ready to showcase its transforming abilities. The cheapest city car’s platform has spawned a tiny pick up vehicle called the ‘Penguin’ which will be unveiled at the Expo. More details will be up as soon as we have more dope on hand. Meanwhile we have the spied picture of the Penguin, which has been floating on the web.

Tata Penguin

**Scoop Video of the Penguin coming up in a bit…

Tata Prima concept:


As per our sources, Tata will also showcase the Prima Concept which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. The Prima will be an insight into the new premium sedan being developed by Tata, which is slated to sit above the Indigo Manza.

Tata Prima at Auto Expo 2010

Tata Prima at Auto Expo

Nano Europa:


With Nano’s European counterpart ready, Tata will make its first public unveiling at the upcoming Expo. The car builds further on the Nano platform to be complaint with the harsh European norms and market needs. More details soon, stay tuned.

Tata Nano Europa at Auto Expo 2010

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