TVS patents air-injection system that is claimed to improve fuel economy

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TVS Apache 200 RTR 4V (6)

Image of the new TVS Apache 200 4V for representation purpose only

Automotive manufacturers are constantly working on methods to decrease emissions and improve fuel economy. The latest automotive maker ready to make contribution to environment and pocket friendly technologies is India’s third largest two-wheeler manufacturer, TVS Motors. TVS Motor has patented a new air-injection system that becomes operational during deceleration of the engine to return an improved fuel economy. Contrary to conventional air-injection system, the new patented system is claimed to reduce the exhaust emission and deliver an improved fuel economy by supplying lesser fuel to the engine while decelerating.

The patent arrives two years after the first examination report that was issued in 2014. The patent was first filed in 2008. With the approval of the new patent, we may soon see the technology being equipped on TVS Motors’ products in the near future, delivering better fuel economy.

The two-wheeler maker also managed to get another patent for a lubrication mechanism for the crankcase. The second patented design combines effect of splash and shower lubrication through a single driving mechanism. With the new patented design, TVS Motors claims that there would be no requirement of a separate pump.

In terms of sales performance, TVS Motor Company posted a growth of 16% during the month of April 2016, with total sales increasing from 195,937 units recorded in the month of April 2015 to 227,096 units in the month of April 2016. Currently, the two-wheeler maker is busy introducing its new Apache 200 4V in a phased manner throughout the country.

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