TVS Motorcycles to get Semi Automated Manual Transmission, technology patented

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2016 TVS Victor indicator

TVS motorcycles would soon come equipped with a Semi Automated Manual Transmission (SMT) gearbox as the two-wheeler maker has finally been granted patents for the technology. TVS had filed a patent for semi-AMT technology back in February 2009 but only received the patent in May this year.

The technology does remind us of Honda’s CVT gearbox where riders can either opt for an automatic transmission or shift manually using the buttons on the switchgear. Although it is unlikely that TVS will offer an automatic transmission option.

TVS Apache 200 RTR 4V (7)

SMT equipped TVS Motorcycles would come with ‘ + ‘ and ‘ – ‘ buttons on the switchgear using which rider can upshift or downshift and engage in the desired gear to ride the motorcycle, something similar to paddle-shifters in cars.

The SMT is indeed a major leap for TVS after the clutchless transmission on the Jive. An electromechanical actuator will replace gearshift lever that was seen on conventional semi-AMT vehicles. TVS claims that the SMT assembly will provide convenient gear shifting without applying much force.

TVS Apache 200 RTR 4V (5)

TVS May also add the technology to its three-wheelers. There aren’t many details about the expected timeframe for the arrival of the SMT transmission on TVS motorcycles but we are sure that the two-wheeler maker would not keep us waiting for long.

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