TVS Jupiter road test review: In a higher orbit?

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TVS Jupiter Road Test Review (3)

The demand for automatic scooters has seen an unprecedented rise off-late with auto-scoots managing to outsell motorcycles. The growing need for an economical and convenient mode of transport amidst the bustling urban-scape has been the biggest contributing factor to the gearless machines’ sales figures. Not only the fairer sex, but their male counterparts too have been increasingly inclined towards gearless scooters which tend to be more ride-friendly in the daily grind. But with the scooters being primarily looked upon as female-oriented machines, manufacturers to massage the male ego have been launching male exclusive models such as the Honda Aviator, Yamaha Ray-Z, Hero Maestro etc. Adopting a similar philosophy, TVS Motors recently launched the male-centric TVS Jupiter to garner a chunk of the hot automatic scooter market. We had the scoot for a couple of days and after having subjected it to all kinds of riding conditions during its 300+ kilometers stint with us- following is our take on the new TVS on the block.


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The TVS Jupiter has been targeted at the urban male rider and it makes its case clear through a bulgy yet angular styling with black accents on the lower body. The front styling doesn’t really differentiate the TVS Jupiter much from others and adopts a traditional auto-scoot design. The headlight comes equipped with twin pilot lamps and the metallic front apron houses a set of blinkers and a small air-vent that might remind you of Dainese.

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The front-forward stance is well complemented by an upswept rear design with the footboard, rear panels and even the chunky grab-rail rendering right amounts of cuts and curves making the TVS Jupiter a nice scooter to look at. The black finished wheels on the TVS Jupiter apart from adding a masculine appeal lend a nice contrasting effect. A chromed shield on the exhaust looks good and adds its bit to the overall styling.

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At the rear the tail light might look similar to the Honda Activa and the Suzuki Access to some with the stop light flanked by two separate clear lens indicators. Functionally, the Jupiter differentiates itself from the rest of the pack with its refueling lid which positioned above the tail lamp – we wish it was well finished as the other bits. Though it eliminates the inconvenience of unlocking and raising the seat during refuel, it takes a little effort locating the keyhole and reaching out.

Overall the TVS Jupiter might not be the best looking scooter out there, but all its cuts and curves merge into a nice, flowing design to make it a decent looker.

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Talking of features, the TVS Jupiter is one well built scooter and the quality tale begins with the dashboard. The grade of the plastics is simply top-notch with minimal or no gaps between panels. The switchgear is one of the best, or rather the best you could find on any prevailing auto-scoot. The switches, while ergonomic in operation, also feel extremely pleasant to touch. The grips too are made of high quality rubber and offer a soft, cushioning feel. A pass-switch integrated into the high beam switch is a neat idea. A key-shutter has also been provided to deter miscreants (read kids) from messing around with the ignition keyhole.

TVS Jupiter Switchgear

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The Jupiter offers enough leg space for the average heighted male rider with two retractable bag hooks with one under the seat and other one behind the front apron, under the back of the headlight. TVS claims the leg-space at 375mm on the Jupiter is the largest in its segment and you can easily carry an LPG cylinder on its footboard (nope we didn’t test that!). The seat offers the right amount of cushion facilitating a comfortable ride for both rider and pillion. In addition to the regular foldable co-rider pegs, the TVS Jupiter also offers a footboard adding convenience for the sideways sitting pillion (mostly women). Other thoughtful bits include the kick-starter lever which unlike in other scooters is placed close to the rider’s feet and a patented E-Z centre-stand that facilitates easy parking with minimal effort.

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17 litres of underseat space in addition to accommodating your routine grocery purchase can safeguard a medium sized helmet. Also a mobile charging outlet has been provided in the storage. It’s not visible here since the outlet opening is sealed. It is installed separately at the time of sale for some extra cost.

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The headlight spread similar to most other auto-scoots offers more spread in low rather than high beam with average throw. Overall, the 35W halogen provides adequate night vision at average speeds.

TVS Jupiter Review Headlight Beam



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The TVS Jupiter adopts the Wego’s 109.7cc Single Cylinder CVTi engine with peak power and torque output figures of 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm and 8 nm @ 5500 rpm respectively offering enough punch to ferry two reasonably sized individuals with minimum fuss. Though slightly lazy towards to lower spectrum of rev range, the Jupiter makes up for it at the higher end. Once in rhythm, the Jupiter pulls surprisingly well till the 80 mark before maxing out at a speedo indicated 84 kph. Where other scooters feel slightly stressed going north of 60 kph, the TVS Jupiter builds up on the numbers rather quickly. The engine is refined and only starts to show resistance once the needle is past the 80 kph mark – an impressive performer!

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Talking of fuel consumption, the TVS Jupiter mileage figures stood at 46 kpl during the 300+ kms run as against TVS claim of 62. We’re not blaming the difference in figures considering the Jupiter was being ridden two up most of the time and put to extended high speed highway runs. In the hands of a more considerate rider, we expect the figure to cross the 50 kpl mark. The TVS Jupiter comes with an ECO and POWER indicator on the dash. The ECO indicator stays on under mild acceleration and speeds upto 50 kph. Twist that right hand a bit more and the POWER mode lights up. It’s a simple function, which may work well for those extremely sensitive towards fuel efficiency figures. With a set of ears trained for engine sound, though, you wouldn’t need that light.

TVS Jupiter Review


TVS Jupiter Road Test Review

Handling of the TVS Jupiter takes some time getting used to before your start throwing it around corners disdainfully. It’s got its own dynamic algorithm which is different from some other scooters which you may have been riding all this while. That doesn’t mean the Jupiter isn’t inferior or anything, it just requires you to log a few kilometers before you get used to its own definition of balance and poise.

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Running on 12 inch “TVS Conta 550” tubeless tyres, the Jupiter offers adequate road grip. The telescopic suspension up front and a single gas charged shock at the rear provides sufficient damping going over the routine urban undulations but tends to bounce a bit while passing over broken patches and takes that wee-bit extra time to regain composure. Under usual road conditions, the suspension does its duty rather well extending a comfortable ride for both rider and pillion.

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In the Jupiter braking department, the Jupiter felt slightly subdued in terms of extreme performance. By itself, the Jupiter’s brakes are pretty good, there is no fade or spongy feel to them, and it tops quite a few competitors in the segment. However, we felt the balance between the front and the rear brakes was missing. This becomes more evident as we have ridden few scoots with combined braking system, which is actually very effective in scrubbing speed off very quickly. With the Jupiter, the bite at the rear appears to be on the higher side while the front lacks the required bite and feel. We ended up locking the rear wheel a couple of times while decelerating hard. A disc brake upfront should take care of this to an extent.

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Overall the Jupiter managed to impress us with its excellent build quality and clever set of features. The engine feels strong considering it showed no signs of panting even when put to prolonged high speed runs- both riding solo and two up, while at the same time returning healthy mileage figures. The suspension feels great for everyday riding and our pillion was all praises until we negotiated the crater ridden obscenity of one Aarey Milk Colony in Mumbai. Summing it up, in the Jupiter, TVS has created a product which measures up with its international competition in every department. In plastic and switchgear quality, it even outclasses them.

The TVS Jupiter, then, is a must look-at option if you’re willing to a buy a big scoot for yourself. A truly competent product from a truly competent company.


Type4 Stroke,Single cylinder,Air Cooled,OHC
Maximum Power5.88 KW @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque8Nm @ 5500 rpm
StartingElectric & Kick Start
TransmissionPrimary CVT & Secondary Gear Box
IgnitionDigital IDI with Ignition Map Technology
FrameHigh Rigidity Underbone Type
Dimensions(l x b x h)1834 x 650 x 1115 mm
Saddle Height765mm
Ground Clearance150mm
FrontAdvance Telescopic Suspension
RearHydraulic & Gas Filled Suspension
Tyre Size(Front)90/90-12,Tubeless
Tyre Size (Rear)90/90-12,Tubeless
Front130 mm Drum Brake
Rear130 mm Drum Brake
Battery12V, 5 Ah Flooded
Head Lamp12V, 35/35W Halogen(Multi-reflector Type)
Brake Lamp / Tail Lamp12V, 2W/1.5W LED
Turn Signal Lamp12V – 10W(Amber Bulb)x 4 Nos.
Air filterViscous Paper Filter
Fuel Tank Capacity5.0 Litres
Top Speed84 kph (speedo indicated)
PRICE (ex-showroom)
MumbaiINR 46534/-
DelhiINR 44204/-
BangaloreINR 48712/-
KolkataINR 49479/-
ChennaiINR 50277/-



TVS Jupiter Review (1)
TVS Jupiter Review (12)
TVS Jupiter Review (13)
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TVS Jupiter Review
TVS Jupiter Review (4)
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TVS Jupiter Review (6)
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TVS Jupiter Review Headlight Beam
TVS Jupiter Road Test Review
TVS Jupiter Road Test Review (1)
TVS Jupiter Road Test Review (3)
TVS Jupiter Road Test Review (5)
TVS Jupiter Road Test Review (6)

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  • mayank says:

    Hi I am Mayank, I bought Jupiter in the Month of Feb’14 from Bhopal. I read lot s n lots of reviews and compared them with Activa but I think most of the reviews were paid or fake.
    Immediately after buying I faced following issue:
    1. Back body was bumping whenever I cross a speed breaker
    2. There was a irritating tick tick sound coming from the front.
    I went to the service station but it was not resolved some of mechanics said that this is a manufacture defect faced by many buyers.
    When I complained on website of TVS motors then they resolved the issue but were not ready to agree that it was company defect.
    Even after the repair tick tick sound was there to entertain me during my drive. (It increases and decreases)
    After few days my Jupiter was not getting started and I found few petrol drops on engine and floor, I again called TVS guys and when they came it was found the petrol pipe was not clamped properly and was not at its place.
    Remember I am hearing tick tick sound till now from front tyre.
    I got transferred and moved to Hyderabad……Today, again my Jupiter broke down…. I can see petrol drops over engine and it’s not getting started.
    This is frustrating that within 2000KM of run I have faced so many problems.
    Please consult a user who has at least used this scooter for 1000KM, because when you face such issues it not only creates mental tension but also ruins your day.
    Be a smart buyer…

  • Manish Thakkar says:

    Hi Friends,

    This is Manish Thakkar from ulhasnagar, a proud owner of TVS Jupiter,

    i took delivery of this scooter on 21st june, 2014 and till that i riding my jupiter with full of fun and satisfaction. once special thing i like most about jupiter is great handling and controlled riding even at the good jupiter giving me apx. 42 -45 KMPL. its shokopser is extremely good that i will not find any jurk on potholes.i am very happy and satisfied. i am recommending to buy jupiter over activa.

    Manish Thakkar
    twitter MoneyThakkar

  • Vemula Avinash says:

    does the footboard for sideways sitting pillon come along with the scooter or shall we have to buy it as an extra fitting?

  • Avinash says:

    does the footboard for sideways sitting pillon come along with the scooter or shall we have to buy it as an extra fitting?