Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS Is A Proper Screamer; Hear It Yourself!

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We will try to keep this piece of writing as civilised as possible, even though my head is full of dirty thoughts for the Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS. After being obsessed with the Daytona 675R, it was a huge blow to the gut when Triumph pulled the plug on it. But recently, Triumph caressed those dreams again when it unveiled the Dynavolt Street Triple 765 RS Supersport Challenger. Even though it is touted as just a faired version of the Street Triple RS, it looks like the freaking Daytona!

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One of the most exciting things about the Daytona was its inline-triple symphony. We are falling short of oxymorons here but if we had to describe in just a single phase, it would be a ferocious melody.


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Triumph Motorcycles recently posted a video on its social media handles that basically showcases the dyno test run of the Dynavolt Street Triple RS and boy, has it rekindled all those dirty thoughts again! If the loud pops and crackles accompanied with the signature inline-triple whine aren’t enough to impress you, wait till the exhaust spews out flames! As the revs build, it starts sounding angrier and gets on the verge of sounding devilish.

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS

It will be ridden by former WSS British rider Kyle Smith and former British MotoStar champion Brandon Paasch in the Quattro Group British Supersport series. The engines used by Dynavolt Triumph for the 2021 Quattro Group British Supersport Championship will be the same ones as used in Moto2.  As expected, it is not road-legal and is solely built to do one thing: obliterate track records.

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS (2)

And there are numerous components that help it achieve that. Race-spec clip-ons, rear-set footpegs, a full-system racing exhaust from, fully adjustable race suspension from Bitubo, and an extensive braking setup with braided lines and petal discs to name a few.

Triumph Dynavolt Street Triple RS (3)

The ethics of journalism bind us from being biased but being an automotive journalist, it is almost impossible not to have a bias towards a particular set of wheels. The Triumph Daytona might not be on sale anymore but even the mention of it can make our heart skip a lot of beats. It gets almost on the verge of us getting riddled with a cardiac arrest. Despite being a middleweight, it was a widespread assumption that it could give a litre-class sportsbike a run for its money, in the hands of a skilled rider. We just hope that Triumph breathes life in the Daytona again.

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