Triumph Daytona 675 Goes From Supersport To A Miles Muncher

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Taking a supersport out for touring isn’t the smartest of decisions but the folks at Sahyadri Moto gave Triumph’s middleweight apex hunter a major overhaul to turn it into a mile muncher. The red Triumph Daytona 675 in the images gets an extensive list of accessories that can help the rider travel for hours with relatively less fatigue, and more comfort.

For starters, this unique Daytona 675 drops the clip-on handlebar for a flat-type unit that improves the riding dynamics. With more upright riding ergonomics, you wouldn’t have to worry about an aching back at the end of the day.

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But upright ergonomics would result in more windblast and to answer that issue, the team at Sahyadri have installed a taller, Coriaz Type 2 Windshield to the motorcycle. The pillion footrests have been lowered too, for better comfort to your fellow traveller. There’s sufficient space to carry your luggage too as the customised Daytona 675 gets complete luggage system with saddle stays and a 38L Hepco becker top case.

In case you were to drop the motorcycle, the custom crashguard with frame sliders would come to the rescue, saving the body panels from suffering major damage.

While the motorcycle does get touring ready, the rider may have to opt for a pair of earplugs because of that aftermarket SC Exhaust.

Check out the motorcycle in the video shared by the owner (balsara 675):

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Via Sahyadri Moto