Traffic Offenders To Get Heavier Fines From 1st September

With 63 clauses of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2019 passed, rule-breaking motorists will now have to shell out more money than before from 1st September.

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A huge number of lives are lost on the streets due to a number of mishaps and accidents in our country. A major percentage of these fatalities can be avoided if motorists chose to abide by the rules and regulations set by our government. Something as basic as wearing a seatbelt or not going over the speed limit can change the entire outcome of an accident. However, since getting away after committing such crimes has become so easy these days, people rather pay up the fines rather than follow the laws. In order to curb this menace, the government has now passed as many as 63 clauses of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 which will be enforced from the 1st of September.

road transport ministry to revise traffic rules violation fine

With the new bill passed by the parliament, police will now collect the revised, much heavier fines from motorists who break any traffic law. For instance, riding without a helmet would now attract a fine of INR 1,000, driving without a seatbelt would also attract a fine of INR 1,000, rash driving would make you shell out an amount between Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 and disobedience of the orders of authorities will attract a minimum penalty of Rs 2,000. Moreover, a new traffic offence has been added as well, wherein a motorist could be fined as much as INR 10,000 for not allowing an emergency vehicle to pass. Other serious offences like drunk driving would attract a fine of INR 10,000 and ride-hailing aggregators can be fined up to Rs 1 lakh for violating driving licensing.


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With a serious amount of money involved, these heavy fines would act as an even better deterrent for rule braking motorists. Just by making sure that everyone abides by the laws, there would be a huge change in the number of mishaps all over the country. Moreover, the risk of having a fatality would also be greatly reduced. Laws like this, the mandatory ABS/CBS in two-wheelers, the mandatory ABS and airbags in four-wheelers and much more give us citizens hope that the government is marching towards the right path, and taking every step towards making the roads of India much safer than before.