Traffic cops riding without helmets caught, fined by Transport Minister Diwakar Raote

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Ever got furious to get a challan for riding without a helmet and then spotted a police officer/constable ride past you nonchalantly with a bare head? It irks you, doesn’t it? Well, here is something that would ease the pain. Transport Minister Diwakar Raote recently set an example by reprimanding and fining two female cops for riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

Traffic cops riding without helmets caught by Transport Minister Diwakar Raote

Raote told a daily newspaper, “I noticed the duo on a bike flouting SC guidelines to compulsorily wear helmets. Had it been an ordinary citizen, the cops would have imposed a fine. They are law enforcers and it will send a wrong message to the public. I therefore summoned a traffic policeman and asked him to fine the two women for not wearing a helmet.”

We are completely against riding a motorcycle without a helmet and we get enraged when we see the law enforcers breaking the rules and setting a negative example that affects the faith for the police force in the hearts of citizens. Did you ever come across an incident where you have seen a police officer ride a motorcycle without a helmet? Share your experience, photographs (if you have any) and views about police officers riding without a helmet through the comments section below.

Source: TOI

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  • Tushar says:

    I have not only seen police officer riding without helmet, but also seen police officer jumping the red light! We need to through out the corrupt and unwise politicians and strengthen public hands, to bring the nation on track.

  • Suraj says:

    What about Nitin Gadkari? Why not start from him?

  • stephen says: