Toyota’s safety campaign encourages the use of seat belt

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With a campaign tagline of “Be Safety Leaders”, Toyota encourages both drivers and passengers to assume proactive leadership in traffic safety by beginning with the simple act of belting up. Toyota has launched the regional safety campaign for a third consecutive year. This year, additional emphasis is placed on countering the public’s prevailing mindset on the usage of seat belt. According to a survey conducted in 2014, many people are still not belting up. The top five excuses of not wearing a seat belt are:

  • Existing presence of airbags in vehicles
  • Confidence in one’s own driving skills
  • Short journey
  • Discomfort
  • Causing clothes to be wrinkled

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Through this educational campaign, Toyota hopes to reinforce that seat belts complement airbags and increase their effectiveness by 15 times. Seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by up to 50% for front seat passengers and 75% for rear seat passengers. This year, it is hoped that the public will be leaders-in-action, assuming proactive leadership in traffic safety and spreading the word about seatbelt importance in the community.

In addition to last year’s interactive online campaign activities such as Toyota Seat Selfie App and “Go Go Buckle Up” Game, a new campaign video is introduced this year. The video features an emotional narrative of a child urging the parent to belt up for safety. Toyota hopes that the message “Belt On For Every Journey” will raise greater awareness that there should be no excuses to ignore one’s safety. These activities will be extended to all ASEAN countries, including India, Pakistan and four new Southwest Asian countries of Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

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