Toyota Working On Bringing Solid State Batteries

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The automobile industry has come a long way. Numerous changes have been made may it be in terms of design or mechanics. Today, we are slowly stepping into the world of electrification. But as of now, the EV industry is in its infancy. But with every passing day, we get closer to new technologies. The Japanese brand; Toyota, claims to have found a new technology called Solid State battery, that could change the EV industry entirely.

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Solid-State Batteries

Toyota Motors, first hinted towards Solid-State batteries when they released the ‘Beyond Zero’ mobility concept. The brand said that it will release at least one car equipped with this new battery by 2025. In most recent events the brand says that it will start rolling out this battery in Hybrid vehicles. Toyota has made a prototype equipped with a solid-state battery to test out the technology in real-world situations. As of now, the most popular batteries being used in EVs are Lithium-Ion batteries.

Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

The structure of a Lithium-ion battery consists of two electrodes (pieces of metal) which are placed of far ends, and the space between them is filled by a liquid electrolyte solution (LiPH6 dissolved in organic carbonates). Solid-State batteries will carry the same two-electrode policy, but the space between the electrodes will be filled by a solid electrolyte; thus, the name ‘Solid-State’. Solid-State Battery is not a completely new concept. Tons of research is going on around the globe to convert this concept into a practically usable form.

Advantages of Solid-State Battery

We are still relying on batteries that take up loads of space inside the car, they heat up on prolonged use, and they need to be replaced eventually. Moreover, they are not sufficient in terms of the range and take quite some time to charge. The new Solid-State technology reduces the size of batteries by a significant margin.

Li ion Vs Solid State Batteries

Not just that, the smaller battery can pack more charge, which will result in increased range for EVs. The heating problem is also reduced to quite an extent, which also gives a hand in increasing the life of the battery and limiting the cost that is lost in heat insulation and cooling systems. Solid-State batteries also offer lesser charging time, adding to our convenience.

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