Toyota tops the global vehicle sales chart

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New Toyota Mirai fuel cell car (40)

For the third year in a row, Toyota Motor Corp has managed to retain the crown for selling the most number of vehicles globally, beating competitors like Volkswagen and GM. However, for the year 2015, the Japanese manufacturer forecasts sales to drop by 1%. The drop in numbers is projected due to a declining population in Japan, where their sales could plunge by as much as 9 per cent. Overall, the Japanese auto market is reported to be weakening due to a drop in population figures.

New Toyota Mirai fuel cell car (35)

Toyota managed to sell 10.23 million vehicles in 2014, whereas German car maker Volkswagen finished second, managing to sell 10.14 vehicles globally. American giant General Motors finished third, managing to convince 9.92 million buyers. Toyota wishes to enhance their brand appeal, dishing out more sport and luxury cars rather than being popular as a maker of reliable, sensibly priced products. Already having tasted success with the Prius, Toyota wants to carry that leadership forward in the green segment with fuel cell powered cars. The ‘Mirai’ will their second green product after the Prius to be sold overseas.

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