Toyota Leads 49 Global Car Markets; VW second at 14 Despite Having Sold More Cars

Toyota takes the pole in car sales in 49 markets across the world. Find out which manufacturer took the lead where in this infographic.

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The automotive sector is so dynamic in nature that it comes off as a very difficult segment to be able to predict accurately. For instance, take the case of General Motors – it held the crown for the most number of worldwide car sales for 77 years in a row, right until Toyota overtook it in 2012. The change in consumer preference is apparent though from new data coming in with Toyota ruling the roost in terms of car sales in 49 countries across the globe, as compared to just 4 by the bow-tie from GM.

Toyota reigns supreme in many small markets which include significant portions of Latin America, the Gulf and Africa. Australia and many Asian markets like Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and Pakistan also sees the T-logo at the top.

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Interestingly, even though Volkswagen overtook Toyota in terms of global car sales this year, the VW marque appears at the top of the sales list in just 14 countries. Trailing at third, Ford appears at the top of the sales charts in 8 countries but it manages to hold ground in key markets like the USA and Canada.


French carmaker Renault and VW-subsidiary Skoda take the lead in six countries each while Renault-owned Dacia and Italian auto-major Fiat ascend to the top in five countries each.

Another interesting take-away from the info-graphic is how the national sentiment is linked to the sales of the indigenous car manufacturers. Invariably, home-grown auto companies feature at the top of their countries sales charts. Ford leads in the USA, Toyota in Japan, Hyundai in South Korea, Renault in France, Fiat in Italy, VW in Germany, Perodua in Malaysia, Wuling in China and of course, Maruti Suzuki in India.

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