Toyota India Has Hiked Prices OF Key Models

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Toyota Fortuner now to cost 20,000 more


It is no good news, sadly Toyota India has hiked prices of their key models by around 20,000. Toyota India said that it will hike prices which will come in effect from April 1. The hike is on Innova, Corolla Altis & Fortuner by around 1% – 1.5%.

Let’s have a look as how much would these cars cost now:

Toyota Innova which is sold at 8.27 lakh – 12.18 lakh will become around 12,557 – 18,424 more expensive.

Toyota Corolla Altis Diesel which is sold at 11.18 lakh – 14.03 lakh will become around 14,100 – 17,700 more expensive.

Toyota Corolla Altis Petrol which is sold at 10.28 lakh – 14.38 lakh will become around 10,400 – 14,500 more expensive.

While the Toyota Fortuner which is sold at 19.94 lakh will be sold 20,000 more expensive.

The hike is 1% – 1.5% but when translated in figures is quite heartache, with rising fuel prices and car prices the dream car remains more of a dream. Maybe the company is trying to make up for the losses it had incurred due to the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Tell us will this hike make you think twice to buy the vehicle of your choice?


Source : ET


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