Breaking: Badge stealers' gang of Mumbai busted!

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Finally, the owners of cars who were frustrated with the logos of their cars disappearing overnight can heave a sigh of relief. Mumbai Police, in a major breakthrough have busted the seven member gang which was the main reason behind the disappearing badges of expensive cars such as Audi, Mercedes, VW and Skoda. The seven member gang was headed by Mohit Bhatnagar from Bundi district in Rajasthan. He was aided by six of his aides from nearby Kota and a few other locals.

Police have found a heavy cache of stolen badges and since there is no way to determine whom they belong to, these badges will be returned to public on a first come first served basis. If you own a car, and you have lost its badge, you can register yourself as a victim by supplying your name, car model and make. For now you can  leave your names and car models as comments here. We would try to get a badge for your car reserved as we are in direct touch with the police officials.

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