Toyota EverTest project put Land Cruiser 200 and Land Cruiser Prado to the ultimate test

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The Toyota EverTest project is complete after three months – April, May and June 2016 – of uniting brave and strong-minded mountaineers who took the challenge of the world’s highest mountain, and legendary SUVs of the Land Cruiser family. The Land Cruiser 200 and the Land Cruiser Prado were put to test and the SUVs have again proved their right to be called ever better cars, travelling a path of 15,250 kilometers in extreme road and altitude conditions.

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All the members of the united team – media project “Snob”, famous TV host Valdis Pelsh’s with the filming studio “RD Studio” and global web portal Yandex – were able to realize their ambitions, for they climbed Mount Everest, the highest mountain on the Earth, and collected exclusive materials to show the world’s greatest peak to as many people as possible. And legendary Toyota Land Cruisers will be integrated in these materials.

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Nobody has ever managed to show the real climb from its bottom to the top. It was an ambitious idea of Valdis Pelsh’s and RD Studio, a company producing documentaries, to do a real-time story about real people, the fearless conquerors of the world’s greatest mountain, that gave a start to this project. The Toyota EverTest project is based on a common ambitious idea and it brought together the unique peak, strong and spirited people and legendary Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs.

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Upon coming back to Moscow, the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and the Land Cruiser Prado had a full technical diagnostics at an official Toyota dealership. Despite the most severe operating conditions at altitudes of up to 5,374 meters, the parameters of the various systems of both SUVs conform to the standards taking into account the covered mileage. There were no notes on the cars’ condition, and it only required replacing consumables.

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