Toyota Etios price, pictures and all the details

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Before you comment, let us clarify - we know it's a hatch and not a sedan. IT'S ONLY FOR REPRESENTATIONAL PURPOSES, SMARTY PANTS!

Toyota Etios Price announced!!! All prices Ex-Delhi

J at Rs 4.96 lakh
G at Rs 5.46 lakh
G with safety features 5.96 Lakh
V is priced at 6.41 lakh
VX at 6.86 lakh
Booking starts today @50k. Deliveries start in January 2011
You can read all the details about the Etios sedan on our special feature here as well.

Some statements from the Q & A session

Akio Toyoda – big diff in market in Japan and India. As motorisation started long ago in japan

Current localization for the Etios is 70%, but if certain things go right, the localization percentage can be taken up to 90%

Keenly looking at introducing diesel. Not sure about the launch
Its true that we have had some recalls. my answer is Toyota cars are safe.
Please consider Etios as a car which has took a long time in making it is suitable for Indian conditions.
We have studied about the demands of Indians, and we have worked on the Etios.
We have emphasised on the quality.
The etios will provide the sense of confidence.
After sales and maintanence will be perfect so that the product can be used for many years.
Toyota Etios Bangalore launch
Toyota Etios Bangalore launch
Toyota Etios twins at the launch in Bangalore

Mr Sandeep Singh, Deputy MD, now talking .. here are some excerpts from his speech

Toyota Plan to sell 70k units of the Etios in 2011

Official site for the Etios –

Hatchback to be called LIVA, to be launched in April

by the end of this month Toyota will have 150 dealers across India

A R Rahman is the brand ambassador for the Etios”

Mr Yoshinori, chief engineer for Etios now speaking – “etios means spirit and principle.

Innovative styling. Spacious interiors, comfy driving, top class mileage
G has comfort features. And gets safety package as an option

V and VX luxury

Energy absorbing body shell, abs, ebd, centrally located meters.
Anti corrosion steel.
Rocker mould.
Chipping resistant paint.
Underbody protection
J has std features.
true sedan’ design.
Spacious and compact
Distinctive smile front grille. And hood lines
Dynamic lines and side skirt enhances vehicle presence.
Smartly designed and ergonomic interiors
etios participated in the good design award in japan.
Best in class performance and fuel eff.
Newly developed engine.
Torque available @ low rpm.
Arai certified average of 17.6 kmpl
Superior ride comfort and isolation.
Clean air filter in the ac.
Tilt electric steering
Steerin mounted audio control
Class best cabin and luggage space
Flat rear floor
7 bottle holder
13L glove box”

Mr Nakagawa: “More than 5 lakh satisfied customers are our biggest asset. Toyota stands for quality products. Qualis to prius-we have brought the best. India first market for Etios. Etios will surely bring more happy customers to the family. 150 dealer network. Q service. new plant production capacity of 70k+ units of etios in 2011. Establishing toyota in the heart of every India – our main goal”

Etios has traveled across 2 hundred thousand kms in testing in India

Hiroshi Nakagawa

Hiroshi Nakagawa, MD, Toyota Kirloskar Motors India, is now delivering his speech

Akio Toyoda, president and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation

Akio Toyoda, president and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation and grandson of founder Kiichiro Toyoda, is now addressing the audience

Toyota Etios launch bangalore Diana hayden, Roshan Abbas

Roshan Abbas and Diana Hayden have arrived on the stage and they are now addressing the audience

Toyota Etios launch bangalore

Driver seatbelt warning – opt in G, std in V and VX, not in J

Door ajar warning-available in all variants

Engine Immobilizer standard in all variants

SRS Airbags, standard in V and VX, and optional in G. Not available in J variant

ABS with EBD is standard in V and VX, and optional in G. Not available in J variant

The Etios is available in 4 variants J,G,V and VX, J being the base model and VX being the top model

Update1: The Etios sedan in available in six colours

Symphony Silver
Serene Bluish Silver
Celestial Black
Harmony Beige
Vermilion Red

Toyota is launching their all-important Etios sedan in India today. Although the engine specs and all the other details about the car are already out in the open with some of the auto journalists having tested it already, the most important disclosure is yet to be made – the price. You won’t buy the Etios for Rs 10 lakh, no matter how good it is, will you?
Two of our soldiers, Ajay and Joy are already out there at the Palace Grounds in Bangalore to bring you live updates from the launch ceremony, which is slated to begin at 12:00 noon. Apart from the price of the Etios sedan, we are also expecting some disclosures to be made on the power and torque specifications of the Etios Liva hatchback that will follow the sedan in two months. We’ll bring to you all the important announcements, quotes, pictures, videos and details from the launch as they happen. Stay tuned for lightening fast updates from Motoroids, as always!

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