Tour the Lamborghini Museum from the comforts of your chair

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Lamborghini museum Google Streetview

The Lamborghini Museum located in Sant’Agata Bolognese was opened in 2001 as Automobili Lamborghini’s commitment to celebrate a new breed of dream cars. A space exhibiting a collection of Lamborghini treasures from the past marks Lamborghini’s recognition of the love and support from passionate Lamborghini fans.

Not just followers of the Raging Bull badge but Motorheads in general would love to be on the same floor and relive history of one of the most desirable automotive brands in the world through perfectly crafted mechanical creations. From a 1964 Lamborghini 350 GT to the Miura S to the latest Aventador- the museum hosts sets of heart racing treats for every visitor. Though the ticket rate of 40 Euros might not sound much for the eye candies, but getting to the museum itself might compel some to apply for a personal loan (international air fare ain’t cheap).

Lamborghini museum Google Streetview (2)

Being right there at the venue ogling at the alluring cars might be a completely different experience, but as a consolation, what Lamborghini has done is to bring the museum to you- rather to your PC. Lamborghini becomes first Italian car manufacturer to open its museum gates to Google Streetview enabling virtual visitors to cherish the view from their chair’s comfort.

It’s not just a pictorial walk around of the museum; you can even hop into any of the cars and virtually fulfill your desire of being inside one. See, we’re inside a Miura S at the moment.

Lamborghini museum

So what are you waiting for? HERE’s your virtual ticket to Italy! Have a wonderful flight and a great time at the museum. And yeah, do share your experience when back 😉

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