June 2017: Top-10 Charts Face the GST Jitters; Kwid, Tiago Finally Make the Cut

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With buyers staying away from the car markets and postponing their purchases during June owing to the significant expected savings post the implementation of the GST, most auto-makers performed dismally in the period.

Jitters were seen in the sales figures of 10 top-performing vehicles with sales dipping significantly as compared to the previous month. While Alto retained the top spot, only 14,856 units were sold as opposed to the 23,618 units in May.


The Swift, WagonR and Baleno too dropped from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions to 6th, 4th and 5th respectively. Sales figures dropped by up to 45% as the Swift shifted just 9,008 units compared to the much healthier 16,532 mark of May.

Hyundai’s highly successful Grand i10 held its ground from 12,317 copies sold in June, down just 667 units from the May figures. As a result, it jumped up from the 5th position to the 2nd spot in the June rankings.


Riding on the high interest in the recently updated model, sales of the Dzire jumped from the 9,413 units of May to 12,049 sales in June, claiming the 3rd spot in the process.

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At the 7th spot, the Vitara Brezza suffered a setback of over 4,000 units with a final sale of just 8,293 cars last month. Following closely was the rival compact SUV, Hyundai’s Creta which could sustain 6,436 sales to rise slightly to the 8th spot.


Compact cars Kwid and Tiago also finally made the cut to enter the top-10 with the Kwid taking the 9th spot, edging ahead of the Tata’s hatch by just one unit at 5,439 units.

Manufacturers are hopeful that they would be able to regain the lost momentum post the reduction in prices after the implementation of GST.

2Grand i1012317Swift16532
5Baleno9057Grand i1012984
6Swift9008Vitara Brezza12375
7Vitara Brezza8293Elite i2010667
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  • Satish says:

    I am sure these figures are vehicles sold to dealers rather than dealers sold to customers. Dealers were selling pre GST unsold stuff in June as did not place orders for new to reduce GST tax calculations and possile lossrs if any. Things likely to revert as in May in a month.