Times When F1 Drivers Took Celebs For A Spin In A High-performance Car

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Formula 1 is a mega motorsport event that takes place each year. The F1 season usually starts in March with Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia hosting the first Grand Prix of the year and Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi concluding the season in December. In 2018, Formula 1 officially introduced F1 Pirelli Hot laps wherein not just celebs but spectators and guests attending the event are driven around in a supercar by pro drivers themselves.

So, it is not a rare sight to see an Aston Martin, a McLaren or a Mercedes clocking some hot laps on a race weekends. Here are some famous instances of the same.

Lewis Hamilton & Usain Bolt – COTA in Austin, USA, 2017 in a Mercedes AMG GT C

Lewis Hamilton, 7-time and the current world champion took the sprint king on 2 legs, Usain Bolt for a spin around the Circuit of the Americas ( COTA ) in a Mercedes AMG GT C. As a part of the Merc AMG GT family, the GT C is powered by a 4.0 twin-turbo V8 with 550 horses and 681 NM made sure that Usain Bolt enjoys the time of his life in the company of the current best F1 driver.

Lewis Hamilton & Usain Bolt hot lap

Esteban Ocon & Eluid Kipchoge – Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi 2019 in a Mercedes AMG GT C

At the opposite end of the same spectrum as Usain Bolt, Eluid Kipchoge is the fastest man over a marathon distance and is the first person to finish a marathon under 2 hours which is beyond human capacities. He was taken around the Yas Marina by Esteban Ocon, then a Mercedes reserve driver, now a Renault/Alpine F1 team driver. Eluid is untouchable over 42 km but Esteban gave him a mighty experience over the 5.55 km circuit.

Esteban Ocon & Eluid Kipchoge hot lap

Lando Norris & Jimmy Butler – Gilles Villeneuve circuit, 2019, Canada in a McLaren 720S

Lando Norris & Jimmy Butler hot lap

Jimmy Butler is a pro basketball player who plays for Miami Heat in the NBA and one of the youngest yet super quick drivers on the grid. The 21-year-old Lando Norris was tasked with taking the giant Jimmy in a McLaren 720S which houses a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 that puts out 720 horses and a mega 770Nm of peak torque. He famously remarked that going fast on the straight isn’t a problem, going quick in a corner is and that he wanted to throw up when Lando opens the window towards the end. Classic.

Lewis Hamilton & Millie Bobby Brown – COTA in Austin, America, 2018, in a Mercedes AMG GT C

Lewis Hamilton & Millie Bobby Brown hot lap

Probably the youngest of the lot, ‘Stranger Things’ actress Millie Bobby Brown, only 14 years old then, had the opportunity to go on a spin with then 5-time and current 7-time world F1 champion, Lewis Hamilton in a GT C. And as soon as Lewis puts his foot flat to the floor, Millie’s reaction and screams tell you all the insane forces these pro drivers deal with. Millie definitely had one of her best moments at 14.

Sir Lewis Hamilton & Sir Frank Williams – Silverstone, Great Britain, 2019 in a Mercedes AMG S 63

Lewis Hamilton & Frank Williams hot lap

This might be the most iconic and historic of them all when 2 Knights and 2 absolute legends of this sport sat alongside each other. Sir Frank, who created Williams F1 team, a 9-time constructor champion was driven around by Sir Lewis who is now a 7-time world champion. Going around their home track, Silverstone, both these brits had a lovely time together and it was such a touching moment to witness as an F1 fan. Sir Frank is, unfortunately, tetraplegic but his years of experience and love for the sport made him correctly remark to Lewis about the fading brakes. The best moment of all probably is when Sir Frank asks Lewis to overtake all those ahead of them at the start of the 2nd lap, a testimony to an immortal racer within him.

Notable mentions

1) Sebastian Vettel & Charles Leclerc – Mugello, Italy, 2020 in a Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Seb & Charles were Ferrari’s F1 drivers for 2020 and had a blindfold challenge at Mugello about the passenger guessing the start/finish line. It seemed one hell of a ride.

2) Christian Horner & Geri Horner – Sakhir, Bahrain, 2018 in an Aston Martin Vanquish S

Christian is the team boss at Redbull and in a fun session, he took his wife, Geri Horner for a spin around Sakhir Int’l circuit.

3) Toto Wolff & Suzie Wolff, Suzuka, Japan, 2018 in a Mercedes AMG GT R

Toto is team principal at Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team and Toto and her wife Susie took turns at driving their spouses around the iconic Suzuka.

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