Three Used Diesel Cars Below 3 Lakhs Rupees

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Last month, we brought to you two stories on some popular used cars deals available currently.

Now, we’ve come up with a list three used diesel cars below 3 lakhs rupees. This list includes cars from different body segments, which means that we have a sedan, a hatchback and a SUV here. These used diesel cars below 3 lakhs rupees, unlike the cars in one of our previous lists, aren’t exactly fun to drive. Nor are they the best looking models in their respective segments. However, these vehicles have been very successful in their career and have created quite a niche for themselves in the Indian car market.


Maruti Suzuki Swift LDi (Last gen)


The Maruti Suzuki Swift is the car that changed the way people looked at Maturi hatchbacks. The Swift, which at first had an Esteem-sourced 1.3 litre petrol power plant, later got a 1.3 litre Multijet Diesel engine from Fiat. Now, this diesel engine is easily among the best small capacity diesel engines of recent times and this motor bestows the Swift with a decent performance, along with really low running costs. Its not very easy to get hold of a Swift diesel for under INR 3 lakhs, but a little bit of hunting and haggling with the used car dealers could still land you with a fair deal on a 2007 LDi model, with a little less than a lakh kms on the odo and an asking price of around INR 3 lakhs. The Multijet engines are fairly trouble free units and Maruti spares aren’t exactly pricey but we would still ask you to look for a complete service history. Also remember that the earlier Swift’s build quality is a suspect so keep an eye open for interior panels that might have taken too much of a beating.


Tata Indigo CS TDi

used tata indigo cs 3 lakhs 3
used tata indigo cs 3 lakhs 2
used tata indigo cs 3 lakhs 1

The car that started the Compact Sedan segment, the Indigo CS offers a lot of cabin space, along with really low running costs. While the Tata badge, along with the ‘taxi-image’, won’t win you a lot of admiration, what you’ll get is a no-nonsense car that can seat five in reasonable comfort. What makes the deal even sweeter is the fact that you can get this car serviced almost anywhere. For a lot less than INR 3 lakhs, you can easily get a 2008-09 model of this compact sedan, which would come powered by a a frugal but considerably powerful TDi diesel engine. The biggest piece of advice we have for you is to stay away from cars that have been in the taxi/fleet operations.


Tata Safari 3.0 Dicor

used tata safari dicor 3 lakhs
used tata safari dicor 3 lakhs 3
used tata safari dicor 3 lakhs 2

While we aren’t really big fans of the 3.0 Dicor engine-d Tata Safari, the fact that it is today one of the easiest to buy SUVs in the used market sees it making it to this list here. The 3.0 Dicor unit looks similar to the 2.2 variant that replaced it and you can easily get your hands on a 2007 model, with less than a lakh kms on the odo. The biggest cons here would be the low plastic quality, not-so-smooth gearshifts and the not-so-refined motor. Plus, the fact that the current gen Safari Storme is built on a lot more modern platform might put off some of the prospective buyers. Nevertheless, the Safari 3.0 Dicor is a lot of car for you money and even though its a dated model, it brings along a good brand image and the road presence that comes associated with a SUV.

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