Three more custom Ducati Scramblers from Gannet Design

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Upcoming Motorcycles 2015 - Ducati Scrambler (3)


Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle

The Ducati Scrambler itself offers an array of customization options. The Scrambler is available in four versions: Icon, Urban Enduro, Full Throttle and Classic. All are being aimed at enthusiasts with different tastes in riding style.

While the Icon is the blank canvas, the Urban Enduro employs a high front fender and spoke wheels; the Full Throttle is inspired by dirt trackers; and the Classic comes with retro flavor. If any of these iterations don’t suit your fancy, worry not, Gannet Design might have some suggestions.

Switzerland based Gannet Design is not new to the Ducati Scrambler, having explored various digitally modified iterations in the past. The Tracker 2, 3 and Caferacer are refined explorations, and the latest in line of Scrambler based virtual concepts.


Custom Ducati Scrambler – Tracker 3

Tracker 3 revisits the Full Throttle’s dirt tacker style and enhances the theme further, with an up-swept exhaust canister, a new tank and an old school, ribbed seat resting on an exposed extension of the trellis frame. The stock headlamp has been minimized, and a piece of under-body protection has been added. On an all-black background, Tracker 3 is highlighted in baby blue – whether be it the pin-striping on the tank, or on the rim lips. New, knobbier footwear and contrasting wheel designs add to the funk.

Custom Ducati Scrambler by Gannet Design (3)


Custom Ducati Scrambler – Tracker 3

The Tracker 3 benefits from new age design and integrates the tank, side panels and rear section into one digitally custom built entity. Finished in white with fluorescent highlights,  the Tracker 3 adds a stickier set of rubber and racier wheels, apart from a pair of petal discs.

Custom Ducati Scrambler by Gannet Design (2)

Custom Ducati Scrambler – Caferacer

The Caferacer is pure, and typifies the theme. The period bikini fairing built around a round headlamp highlights its cafe racing intents. The simplistic, conventional tank features a negative indentation on its sides, apart from a lone golden stripe running across it.

The Scrambler

Weighing in at just 170 Kgs (wet), the stock Scrambler develops 75 hp of power from the air-cooled 803cc, 90-degree L-Twin, with Desmodromic and 2 valves per cylinder motor – 12 hp down from the Monster 796, that uses the same engine. However, torque has been boosted to 50 pound-feet at 5,750 rpm.

The tubular steel trellis frame is Scrambler specific, with 24-degree rake and 4.4-inch trail. Aside from rear spring pre-load, the KYB suspension is not adjustable. There will also be a wide range of accessories for buyers to personalize their motorbikes including an apparel collection, as well.

The Ducati Scrambler range starts at INR 7.92 lakh in India (on-road Mumbai).

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