This UK-Based Firm Has Converted RE Continental GT 650 And Hero Xtreme 160R Into Electric Motorcycles!


Royal Enfield has already made it official that it is going to spawn a slew of fully electric motorcycles in near future. It might still take some time but UK-based Saietta Group has taken the matter into their own hands and has developed a battery kit that can be swapped with the 650cc powertrain found in the Continental GT 650. Saietta’s Axial Flux Technology (AFT) electric motors have been shown to provide greater efficiency while also being light, compact and easily integrated into a wide range of e-mobility applications.

Saiette Royal Enfield Continental GT 650

With an intimate understanding of the challenges currently facing EV manufacturers, Saietta has addressed industry requirements with its AFT series of electric motors. Heralded as an enabler of widespread electrification, its first AFT e-motors – the AFT 140 and AFT 110 – are designed to offer greater efficiency while providing a reliable, cost-effective propulsion solution with zero tailpipe emissions. Their exceptional urban duty cycle efficiency reduces the battery capacity and hence cost of the battery pack required for a given range.

Saiette Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (1)

For their size and weight, the AFT motors provide substantial torque and can sustain high power output through the addition of a simple water-cooling system. Perhaps most importantly, they have been specifically designed for highly automated production to further drive down cost, ensuring the perfect combination of practical performance at a price point that is viable for the target markets. With the AFT now in low volume production, Saietta’s engineering team is finalising the development of a new, high-voltage variant intended for high-performance vehicles. The company has plans to mass-produce the motors, once everything has been fine-tuned and perfected. These motors will also be distributed to Indian OEMs through Padmini VNA. The latter is a leading manufacturer of advanced auto components.

Saiette Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (3)

Hero Xtreme 160R

Apart from converting a Continental GT 650, the company is also working on converting the Hero Xtreme 160R into an electric motorcycle. This too has been equipped with a swappable battery system. As compared to charging an electric two-wheeler, a swapping ecosystem offers multiple benefits.

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Saiette Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 (2)

Official statement

Wicher Kist, Chief Executive of Saietta Group plc, commented: “Saietta is intent on helping the world go further, accelerating toward a cleaner, more sustainable and prosperous future. Through widespread EV adoption and emissions reduction, cities around the world will be radically transformed, from Jakarta to Mumbai, Shanghai to Cairo. We recognise just how critical accessible electrification for lightweight vehicles will be in achieving these aims and we are addressing key market challenges by developing new, leading-edge electric propulsion technologies. Our AFT motors are compact and light while delivering high torque and efficiency at low voltage. This will enable vehicle manufacturers to reduce the required battery size for a given range and, in turn, use less rare materials in their construction.”


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