This Royal Enfield Based Chopper Is All About Style

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Royal Enfield has been a great canvas for those who flaunt their creativity. The affordability of these bikes makes them immensely popular amongst enthusiasts to buy and modify to their personal taste. Here is on such example of a Thunderbird 350, transformed into a beautiful machine, following the design language of a conventional chopper-style motorcycle. From a new elongated suspension, reworked body panels and much more, a lot of work has been done on the bike. Read ahead, to know more about the number of changes and modifications.

RE thunderbird made into a chopper rolling side

One look at this modified example will assure you that apart from the chassis and the engine, every other bit of this motorcycle has been changed to achieve this look. The front end gets a new suspension, which gets a long rake angle, giving the motorcycle a distinctive, chopper-like look. Finished in chrome, this piece is quite a looker too, adding much more character to the bike. Along with this new suspension unit, the front tyre and fender too, have been reworked. Moving further ahead, we see a nice headlight unit, extending outwards which is followed by a wide handlebar. This handlebar paired with the front set footpegs, lend a very comfortable riding position to the motorcycle.

RE thunderbird made into a chopper exhaust and intake

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Unlike most modification jobs which only focus on the exhaust, in this example, we also see the intake system reworked to look much better. Both the intake and exhaust pipe are finished in chrome and look great in contrast with the blacked out engine. The fuel tank also has been reworked to make it match with the rest of the motorcycle, and the speedo has been placed on top of this unit. The seat has been split in two, resting on custom made body panels and last but definitely not the least, there is huge, 300 section tyre at the rear, enhancing the chopper like appearance of the motorcycle. Do watch the video of this bike linked below, which also talks about how and where this job was done and stay tuned for more stories showcasing such amazing modifications from across the country.

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