This Nissan NV350 Office Pod Could Be Your Perfect Work Buddy

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The unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic last year forced us all into our homes. We were sort of locked in for months. But, on the bright side, people with all the time in hand went out of the box and thought of, initiated or were engrossed in something new, something unique and came up with crazy ideas. One such is the NV350 office pod from Nissan as your great work buddy.

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One of the 20th-century tech ambition was to have a home and an office anywhere you go, everywhere you go, you can take these mobile units along. Seems like Nissan has dropped its hat into the mix.

Nissan NV350 office pod 3

The NV350 is a well-known van from Nissan and they have gone ahead and “officified” it. Nissan has released a video on YouTube showcasing the NV350 Caravan office pod concept. First and foremost, it displays a retractable office pod controlled via a smartphone. Inside the caravan NV350, you will find a functional office space coupled with a desk, chair and space for a large monitor. There is also a small station for coffee. Basically, with this vehicle, your office can travel along with you.

Nissan NV350 office pod

The chair and the table can also slide outside to open up an even larger space. It also features a cool edge lighting on the edges of the pod, giving it a sleek look. Oh, did I mention the chair is a Herman Miller Cosm chair? It also features a polycarbonate floor beneath the pad! Wait, it gets better. It also gets a deck on the rooftop where you can relax and pull up an umbrella upon you. A few steps are placed beneath the door to facilitate easy in and out of the office pod.

Nissan NV350 office pod 2

It gets black carpeted mats. What’s special about them is that the Caravan logo is projected upon the mats, which makes them stand out in dark. Also offered is an electric shade on the windows and it also gets a UV antibacterial inside a glove box.

Well, if you are the go and you get an urgent call up for a meeting, the Caravan NV350 office pod has got you covered. It is indeed a new age tech for the new age workaholics who work around the clock.

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