This Modified RE Interceptor 650 Named ‘Hummingbird’ Is The 650cc Cruiser We Want!

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Royal Enfield has a cult following in India. And with each passing day, that number rises and rises some more. Their stock bikes are as popular as their modified ones. It’s very common nowadays to spot a lovely looking modified RE. The RE 650 twins are all the rage nowadays among custom houses. One such Interceptor 650-based Hummingbird 650 cruiser is breaking the internet.

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The Hummingbird 650, as it is referred to, is actually a modified interceptor 650 which is masterfully modified by Bulleteer Customs.

Modified RE Interceptor 650 – Hummingbird

Upfront, talking about the mechanicals, not much has changed. It’s the same 650cc air/oil-cooled engine that belts out 47 HP of max power and 52 Nm of max torque. Although here in the Hummingbird 650, it’s been slightly tuned. This engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with a standard slipper clutch.

Modified RE Interceptor 650 – Hummingbird (2)

Apart from the mechanicals, the hummingbird 650 is lowered and as a result, we also witness a stretched longer wheelbase. The front greets you with a custom LED setup and a handlebar which is raised. The custom fuel tank is wider than the stock as well. As its shortened, the seat is also lower than before, and the footpegs for some reason are quite set forward.

Modified RE Interceptor 650 – Hummingbird (3)

The tail end has been chopped down a bit, resulting in a smaller pillion seat. The rear features a LED taillight too. The tyres too are custom, wider than stock. A 120 section tyre at the front against a 100 section and a massive 180 section tyre at the rear, as against the 130 stock section. The number plate and the side pods are placed on the left of the motorcycle, which despite all its macho cool looks, is simply not easy enough to use. It also features a black/dark green paint job coupled with golden strips gives it an amazing look and appeal which, rest assured is bound to turn heads on the roads.

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Modified RE Interceptor 650 – Hummingbird (4)

Royal Enfield is also currently working on updating its portfolio, like the new Himalayan and a new 650cc cruiser. The 650cc cruiser has been spied on multiple occasions and has managed to spark discussions every time it has made an appearance. This custom Interceptor 650 looks vaguely similar to the cruiser which has been spied, making this custom build even more special.

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