This Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno Goes As Fast As It Looks!

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Maruti Suzuki, do we need to run you over how big a brand, a name and company Maruti Suzuki is? India’s largest and probably India’s favourite carmaker, Maruti Suzuki isn’t just loved by the general public that buys their stock cars for themselves or their families. It is equally loved by car geeks and enthusiasts. Previously, we have witnessed a plethora of Maruti Suzuki cars modified into a beast like a Swift, a Grand Vitara and even a Vitara Brezza for that matter. This time, we present you a restfully modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno!

More details

The pictures and all the information were sent to us by our avid reader Baruah Arn and the car belongs to Shankhanil Tamuli.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno (1)

Visual treat

The Baleno, even in its stock avatar is a good-looking hatch but one good look at the images and you would know that this particular Baleno is a lot different from the stock one. At the front, it features aftermarket projector headlights and fog lamps while the grille is borrowed from the Baleno RS. There’s also an aftermarket bodykit that enhances its visual flair even further.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno (4)

To make things even more visually appealing, there’s a gloss black roof wrap and almost all the chrome elements are shown the door. The taillight unit appears to be different too and when you step inside the cabin, aftermarket ambient lighting will make sure that you are always in the mood for blasting heavy metal from the speakers and be heavy on the throttle.

Aural drama

Special attention is paid to the internal acoustics as well because it now features Pioneer 5290 head unit, Dr Artex damping, JBL Basspro 12 subwoofer, DD audio component speakers and Kenwood 4-channel amplifier. A big, big step up from the stock setup!

Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno (3)

Performance updates

To make its performance complement the aesthetic upgrades, there are a host of performance upgrades in place too. Take the exhaust unit for example, which in this case comes with 4:2:1 exhaust headers with decat. The folks have gone ahead to install a 2″ custom resonated exhaust with Borla spitfire inspired custom end-can which will make sure that the aural drama is at its peak.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno

To make sure that the loud pops and bangs are accompanied with perfectly synced performance, the stock ECU has been replaced with Redbandracing Stage2 remap. It is being claimed that the said modifications have resulted in a 10 HP performance gain.

Modified Maruti Suzuki Baleno (2)

When it comes to performance-oriented modified cars, it isn’t just about the performance, right? The car should handle that way too and to make sure that it sticks to the line, MTS Technik lowering springs have been installed which have resulted in a 30mm drop. While it may hamper the Baleno’s speed-breaker evading capabilities, it will surely result in better handling and less body roll around corners. Stock tyre setup has also been replaced with 17″ 8J alloys which now come wrapped with 215/45/17 section rubber. Brembo brake pads are also installed to make sure that it stops as fast as it goes.

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