This modified Mahindra Thar pokes you right in the eye


Modified Mahindra Thar (10)

Car customization in today’s world is an important aspect for the owner. Some indulge in modifications to stand out from the crowd while some get it done to make a statement. People even go to the length of modifying vehicles just for the sake of grabbing the attention of the general public. While the taste for a good or bad modification job is an individual choice, this modified Mahindra Thar managed to hit us right in the eye.

Mahindra had launched the Thar facelift less than a year ago with a slew of changes to the interior as well as the exterior of its ever-green SUV. The modification seen in the images though, makes us believe that the Thar here thinks of itself as something not from this planet or rather, not even anywhere close to this planet.

Modified Mahindra Thar (6)

To start with, this Thar modified by SP Custom Design seems to have received chunky bits across the body that adds to an overall beefy look of the vehicle. The rear passenger section gets a hardtop with a sloping roofline that is connected to the body of the Thar. Also seen is what seems to be a sun-roof for the rear cabin with the functionality remaining doubtful.

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Up-front, the modified Thar receives a hummer inspired grille in a shade of silver while the traditional bumper makes way for a custom bumper with fins on either sides separated by a single slat bar. This bar is flanked by chrome finished honey comb inserts. The Front end also receives a dual tone bumper cladding.Finished in a shade of matte grey, the modified Thar also receives new side sills as well as larger ORVMs on either sides in a shade of silver. The OEM tyres make way for aftermarket off-road tyres with a new set of rims.

Modified Mahindra Thar (9)

The posterior of this modified SUV receives a custom bumper with a bumper cladding in silver as seen on the front side earlier. The rear cabin also receives a quarter glass on either side while the spare tyre sits at the tail section of the vehicle. The tail lights seem to have moved upwards while their position is taken by the oddly shaped reflectors.

Following is an image gallery for the modified Mahindra thar:

Modified Mahindra Thar (11)
Modified Mahindra Thar (10)
Modified Mahindra Thar (9)
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Modified Mahindra Thar (6)
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Modified Mahindra Thar (1)

Image courtesy: SP Custom Design

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