2016 Auto Expo : This modified Mahindra Thar looks like an ill omen on wheels

Modified Mahindra Thar with hardcore off-roading gear showcased at Auto Expo 2016 - images, details and design commentary


Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (2)

Parked at the Mahindra Adventure exhibit was this ominous looking modified Mahindra Thar with monstrous off-road tyres and ground clearance to go over a mountain without scraping its belly. Those enormous tyres might not be the most suitable for going off the road, but they sure lend this Thar presence which can be rivaled by a rare few car models.

Up front the rugged SUV gets its grille modified, and houses headlamps with white LED rings. The headlamps also seem to house projector elements within. The Bull bar slanting skywards has a winch behind it to underline the SUV’s capability to get out of even the boggiest of the surfaces.

Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (4)

The bonnet gets a humongous air scoop flanked by two mountains of sheet metal. We also love the orange highlighting on the fenders and bonnet, contrasting nicely with the soft glow light grey shade the SUV is painted in. A snorkel finding its way up to the windscreen is another neat touch.

On the sides, the doors have been redone with a new shape and a black-orange highlight at the lower portion of the door.

Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (3)

The showstealer, however is the way that intimading  spare wheel / tyre when viewed from behind. Those with an eye for detail would also notice the twin exhausts flanking the rear bumper in a rather high position. Tail-lamps, too, have been given the LED treatment to make the brute look properly exclusive.

There are other things to talk about too, but we’d rather let you browse through the imags of this behemoth and unravel its mysteries by yourselves. Enjoy the pics.

Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (6)
Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (5)
Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (4)
Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (3)
Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (2)
Modified Mahindra Thar Auto Expo (1)

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