This Faired BMW G 310 R From China Rekindles Our Dream Of Having A Mini S1000RR

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When BWM first rolled out the G310 twins, rumours were ripe that the same platform would be utilized to carve a mini S1000RR. Although we already have a faired counterpart of the G310R in the form of TVS Apache RR 310, it would have hit motorcyclists in a different way if BMW ever decides to make their own iteration of a 310cc sportsbike. While there’s still isn’t any information regarding the development of the said motorcycle, the Chinese have gone ahead to make their own iteration of a faired supersport based on the G310R and by the looks of it, it does look like an S1000RR going through its nascent age.

BMW G310R Race bike

What is it exactly?

The converted G310R will be used for track training purposes at the Zhuhai Circuit in China and that makes us wonder, should BMW Motorrad India start their own one-make series with race-derived G310Rs?


Coming to the actual motorcycle now, it has received a drastic cosmetic overhaul and now bears striking similarities to BMW’s Halo bike S1000RR, otherwise also known as one of the best litre-class superbikes available on this big, wide planet. The front fairing and side panels have been neatly integrated into the stock bodywork of the G310R. The front end is unmistakably derived from the S1000RR while the sharp rear end also adds to the overall sporty appeal of the motorcycle. To make the package more visually appealing, the motorcycle has been draped in BMW M’s signature tri-colour scheme.

BMW G310R Race bike (3)

Changes over the stock bike

It isn’t a mere cosmetic overhaul as it also gets some crucial mechanical bits to aid its corner-carving abilities. To reduce the weight, it doesn’t get any unnecessary bits like the all-LED headlamp, taillight, indicators, and seats. It is also more aerodynamically efficient than the G310R, thanks to its bubble visor upfront. For more cornering clearance, the mid-mounted footpegs of the stock G310R have made way for billet-type rear-set footpegs and slicks. The stock streetfighter makes do with a standard wide handlebar while its faired counterpart featured here additionally gets a low-slung clip-on setup.

BMW G310R Race bike (1)

How much power does it make?

While you would expect it to put down a couple of more ponies as compared to the stock bike, it is down on power. Because the G310R which the Chinese get only makes 28PS in its stock avatar and even with a Vanhool-sourced full system free flow exhaust, we don’t believe that its peak power would surpass the 34PS mark of the BS6 G310R that we have here. Apart from these changes, the bike remains the same.

BMW G310R Race bike (2)

Now that we have seen a faired sportsbike based on the G310R with a BMW badge and M livery, it is time to rekindle the dreams of having a mini S1000RR someday!

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