This Doda Youth Converted His Scrap Maruti 800 Into A Mini Thar SUV

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of many. Some enjoyed the lockdown as vacation, some suffered a lot and some utilized the time to build, create, and invent something new and better. One such person is Mubashir Ahmad Wani, son of Abdul Lateef Wan. He is a 28-year-old youth from the Doda area of Chenab Valley in the Jammu division, who has converted a scrap Maruti 800 into a miniature version of his favourite SUV, Mahindra Thar.  In an interview, Mubashir said that since childhood, he was fond of cars and it was his dream that one day he will drive a mini Thar.

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“After struggling very hard for years, I wasn’t able to earn so much money so that I could purchase a Thar and my dream would come true,” he said. “I am a mechanic by profession and when I realized that I won’t be able to purchase Thar, so I started working on a scrap car in January this year. I was expecting that I will convert it into Thar in three to four months, however, due to COVID-19 lockdown I was not able to get some important things required for its manufacturing,” he said, adding that after lockdown restrictions were eased, he bought required things and converted Maruti car into a Mini Thar.

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The COVID-19 pandemic led to a nation-wide lockdown which pushed everyone inside their homes. This caused several shops and factories to remain shut. According to Mubashir, he faced a lot of problems in arranging the material and accessories for his scrap Maruti 800. However, once the lockdown was lifted, he managed to get things back on track. Mubashir has also revealed that being a mechanic, even after working hard for years, he was unable to accumulate the funds to purchase his favourite SUV- Mahindra Thar. This led him to modify his scrap Martui 800 into his dream car.

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The most important aspect of customizing a car is budget. According to Mubashir, his cousin Mohammed Akram helped him a lot especially in the financial aspect, by helping him with Rs 1.5 lakh for the same. Without this support, it would have been even more time-consuming and difficult for him to convert his dream into reality. He said that Deputy Commissioner (DC) Doda and Sub-Divisional Magistrate of his area visited his residence and congratulated him for this achievement, although, he revealed that no financial support from their side was provided for his future projects.

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