This Digitally Rendered Hyundai Creta N Is Lifted Straight From An Enthusiast’s Dream!


We might still be devoid of Hyundai’s N or N-line models but we believe that with the growing number of enthusiasts in our country, it is about time that we had performance-oriented versions of our favourite Korean cars. Take the Hyundai Creta for instance. It is an absolute battering ram for its rivals as it always manages to retain the top spots in the sales charts. The primary reason behind Creta’s meteoric success is because it perfectly suits the needs of an average Indian family. But what if we had a performance-oriented version of the Creta or the Creta N?

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Shashak Das, a digital artist who recently came up with the hardcore Tata Safari GTS Concept, has now come up with its own rendition of how the Creta N could turn out to be.

Hyundai Creta N render

The thing with this particular render is, it doesn’t look outrageous and gels well with the Hyundai N philosophy. Take the signature ‘Performance Blue’ colour for instance, which is synonymous with other Hyundai N cars as well. To up the visual flair, the front end now features a vertically stacked grille that is devoid of any chrome elements. And to be honest, it does look better than the stock grille. Even the fog lamps look suave in this render. You know a car means business when it is equipped with a front splitter and this Creta N falls in the same line. A little wordplay there. Get it?

Hyundai Creta N

Also, the blacked-out roof really does bring out the blue shade of the vehicle. The renderer has also made sure to make the body lines look more pronounced. The creases on the bonnet and the shoulder line that runs across the side profile look more pronounced than before, thus lending it a rather butch appeal.

Hyundai Creta N (1)

The Creta N featured here sits on Vossen VPS308 rims with Pirelli Pzero tyres and decals. It looks particularly smashing from the rear as it gets a completely redesigned tail lamp setup that looks like a huge step up from the stock. To accentuate the visual flair, it also gets a dual exhaust setup with a rear diffuser and Hyundai N badging proudly sitting on the tailgate.

Hyundai Creta N (2)

Moreover, the digital artist believes that if the Creta N becomes a reality, it should have at least 200HP on tap and we couldn’t agree more!

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