This Custom Body Kit From Tithum Transforms The Toyota Legender Into A Decepticon!

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Say what you may about the Toyota Legender that it is overpriced for a 4×2 SUV but there is one thing for sure, it does look butch and commands a road presence, unlike any other SUV in its segment. It looks different than the standard trims of the popular SUV, a bit Lexus-inspired, if you may. In India, the Legender is available only in white paint job with black contrasting roof and is offered in a 4×2 AT avatar.

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Even in its stock avatar, the Legender manages to stand apart from the sea of SUVs that our country’s roads are currently crowded with some people want more out of their vehicle. More butch-ness, road presence and swagger.

Toyota Legender custom body kit Tithum

The case in consideration here is of Tithum, a custom car workshop in Thailand that has rolled out a custom body kit for the Legender. Although the pictures speak for themselves we have to put it out there, the red Legender featured here with the Tithum body kit has taken the savagery to a whole different level! Starting with the front end of the vehicle, it gets a custom skirt and a new bash plate. The front grille looks even more aggressive than before.

Toyota Legender custom body kit Tithum (3)

To make things more interesting, the Toyota badging has been removed from the nose. To sum up, how it looks up front, you would have a hard time deciding whether it’s a Decepticon or an Autobot if it shows its face in your rear-view mirror.

Toyota Legender custom body kit Tithum (1)

Things are quite interesting at the rear end too as it benefits from a custom skirt, along with a bash plate and fake quad exhaust tips. We know that there are some people who think that faux exhaust tips is almost like ‘ricing’ your car but in the Legender, they do look rad.

Toyota Legender custom body kit Tithum (4)

To bump up its aggressive appeal, the folks over at Tithum have also included custom body claddings on the doors, which look extremely sporty. The changes might not be exhaustive and there is one thing for sure, they are extremely thoughtful and well implemented. The intent was pretty clear: to make the Legender look like it will eat all the other small cars on the road for breakfast and that too, without flinching.

Toyota Legender custom body kit Tithum (2)

Needless to say, the mission has been accomplished. We cannot wait to see a homegrown custom-house to come up with something similar.

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