This Coronavirus On Wheels Can Move At A Speed Of 40 Kmph

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From a shop making sweets which look like the coronavirus to parents who have named their newborns as Covid and Corona. The ways in which people in India have been trying to catch the viral wave is weird. But this life-sized model of the virus is built for a good purpose. Built by the famous Sudhakar Yadav of Sudha Cars Museum from Hyderabad, this virus-shaped vehicle’s purpose of existence is to spread awareness about the pandemic on the streets.

India has been under a 21-day lockdown which in all probability will be extended beyond the set date. However, in some areas, the lack of fear or maybe awareness seems to be missing and people have been coming out of their homes as nothing has changed. To make such people aware, Sudhakar’s coronavirus on wheels will attempt to spread the message by making people understand that not doing the right thing will only spread the virus further.

coronavirus car

The model seen here is a single-seater which is powered by a 100cc engine and can hit a top speed of about 40 kmph. It took 10 days for Sudhakar to build this contraption and he plans to donate it to the Hyderabad Police Department. Mr Yadav has been building such contraptions on wheels which aim to spread awareness in the society about a cause. He runs a museum of all that he has built till date in the city of Hyderabad, by the name of Sudha Cars, which has been featured in quite a few documentaries about India.

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Mr Yadav created his first car at the age of 14 after collecting the necessary articles from junkyards. His name is also etched in the Guinness Book Of World Records for creating the largest tricycle. At 41.6 feet tall and with a wheel diameter of 17 ft, the tricycle is also rideable! Some other things which Mr Yadav has created include a car shaped like a handbag and stiletto for Women’s Day, others shaped like a pen, a pencil and a sharpener for Children’s Day and even a condom-shaped car to commemorate World AIDS Day.

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