This BMW Z4 GT Continuum by Bulletproof Automotive will give the batmobile a sleepless ‘knight’

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BMW Z4 GT Continuum (2)

American tuning company, Bulletproof Automotive have announced their 15 year anniversary project – the BMW Z4 GT Continuum. Hold down your horses, it is not actually bulletproof – even if it was, it has no roof, so if you are being chased by gun-sters, no luck!

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This radically modified BMW Z4 E89 is stripped of its drop top and carries an open two-seater cockpit as found in the era of vintage motorsport (and a few batmobiles). It is a fusion of a German vehicle tuned in a Japanese aesthetic, with a past-meets-future design blend. The GT Continuum looks like the beefed up, wrestler cousin of the original. The car has been redesigned with a custom bodykit to turn it into a rather outrageously styled roadster.

BMW Z4 GT Continuum (1)

The BMW Z4 GT Continuum stands with an extremely flat silhouette. It is brought closer to the ground, with an adjustable suspension setup. The custom bumper with reshaped air intakes, dual canards on either side and the almost removed windshield give the Continuum a wider, but sharper look. Two large scoops behind the occupant seats, a huge rear wing and its side skirts add to its  racing stance. This beast drives on the race inspired Toyo Proxes R888 DOT competition tires.

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What drives this beast is still unclear, but we can expect the stock Z4’s hardware to have been taken to the next level for this build. If rolled out in black this could easily qualify as the next Batmobile!

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