This Batmobile replica spotted in Pune had us looking for our jaw on the floor


We couldn’t have believed it when one of our fans’ Facebook status update said that he spotted a Batmobile in Pune. But since the images of the Batmobile replica have surfaced on the cyberspace as proof, we had to share this craziness with you. Sure we have all seen these replicas doing the rounds across the world, but to witness such a finely made machine pottering around in our desi environs is quite a spectacle. The icing on the cake? The driver was dressed in a Batman costume


Some of you may have seen this Batmobile at an auto show held in Mumbai. Seems like the car wasn’t road-ready at that point, but it’s treading the tar in Pune now with craning, contorted necks all around it. The donor car for this Batmobile is reported to be none other than the W221 Mercedes-Benz S500. As can be seen in the images at least, the custom job seems impeccable with all minute details having been taken care of. The wheels would not look out of place on an off-roader and the exhaust resembles the thrusters of a fighter jet. Those rear wings, the turbine air intakes on the side panels, the freakishly long bonnet and that comic-book inspired snout – all those details come together to really make this machine a sight to behold. Powering this replica might be the same mill doing duty on the W221 S500. We can’t be sure about that though.


The outlandish contraption has been reported to have brought the traffic around it to a standstill during the time it was spotted. People flocked the Batmobile to take pictures, covering a large part of the road bringing the road traffic to a temporary halt. If you take a look at one of the images carefully you would be able to spot the driver we mentioned, wearing a Batman suit. Check out the images and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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