Third Northern H.O.G. Rally heads to Pushkar, Rajasthan

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Harley-Davidson owners and their families to head to Pushkar, Rajasthan to participate in the 3rd Northern H.O.G. Rally which will take place from 7th to 9th November, 2014. In this edition, participants from across all 13 H.O.G. Chapters, some from as far as Chennai and Kochi, will witness a luxurious camping experience amidst sand dunes.

Harley Owners gearing up for 3rd Northern HOG Rally_Picture 2

The 3rd Northern H.O.G. Rally, organized, exclusively by and for Harley owners will see an exciting line-up of activities. These include a special hot air balloon ride and a chopper ride above the city of Pushkar that promises a different kind of freedom to the motorcycle enthusiasts, a custom motorcycle zone, an arm wrestling competition, workshops on pre-ride motorcycle maintenance, a fusion music night and the signature H.O.G. Custom Contest where riders show-off the passion, creativity and inspiration they have put into their motorcycles.

Speaking about the event, Deepesh Tanwar, Director Dunes Chapter, Jaipur said, “Rajasthan has a great road network and offers one of the best riding experiences in India, which is why Harley owners love coming back to the state. We are looking forward to hosting the 3rd Northern H.O.G. Rally in Pushkar. Our aim is to inspire new and experienced riders alike to ride more and get more out of their journey of finding freedom and celebrating self-expression on their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.”

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