These Modified Mahindra Thars Have Received The Bimbra 4×4 Magic

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The 2020 Mahindra Thar has proven to be a runaway success for the homegrown carmaker. An indigenous off-roader which can also double up as a family car is the recipe which the new Thar has been banking on. Apart from being a potent machine off the road, the Thar is also wildly popular among customization circles. Big and burly tyres, accompanied with LED lights all around, which can light up the darkest roads ahead, are some of the key modifications that we see on the Thar.

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The Thars featured here are modified by Bimbra 4×4, a Gurgaon-based firm, mainly popular for its body kits. The Black Thar seen here belongs to an owner while the Mystic Cooper one belongs to the firm itself.

Mahindra Thar modified bimbra 4×4

Black Thar

Talking about the black Thar first, it looks stealthy to say the least. The front end is slightly redesigned and now features an aftermarket grille which looks similar to the one found on the Jeep Wrangler. The stock grille didn’t receive a positive response from the audience and this aftermarket grille seems like a huge step-up from it. The bumper is also custom-made and according to the firm, doesn’t hamper the functioning of the front airbags. The stock halogen setup is replaced by LEDs and the housing seems to be blacked out, which indeed makes the Thar look sportier. Other modifications include a Line-X coating on the front bumper and the side claddings.

Mahindra Thar modified bimbra 4×4 (1)

The side profile looks much more butch than before, all thanks to the BFGoodrich all-terrain tyres on stock alloy wheels. A 30 mm spacer has been used in the black Thar to enhance the look of the Thar. The cabin too, has been slightly revamped and seems a little more luxurious than before.

Mahindra Thar modified bimbra 4×4 (2)

This has been achieved by the use of maroon colour leather seat cover with yellow colour inserts at places. There is an armrest for both front and rear passengers.

Mystic Cooper

Talking about the Mystic Cooper Thar featured here, the angry-looking aftermarket grille makes the Thar look like it will eat anything which might come in its way. LED bar is installed on the front bumper with a yellow film to suit foggy conditions.

Mahindra Thar modified bimbra 4×4 (3)

To enhance the utilitarian quotient of the Thar, Bimbra has also installed seat organisers for both row seats and a bass tube has also been placed at the rear. The sets are all black and this Thar also gets armrest, cup holders, grab handles and so on.

Mahindra Thar modified bimbra 4×4 (4)

If you want your Thar to look as mean and menacing as the ones featured here, you can contact Bimbra 4×4.

Picture credits: Taran Bimbra 

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