The Tata H5X SUVs Cabin Brings Space Age To The 2018 Auto Expo


Revealed as a smashing new concept at the 2018 Auto Expo, the Tata H5X is unlike any Indian SUV the country has ever seen. If you’re still collecting your composure after admiring its external brilliance, you might just sob in happiness when you see the cabin.


The steering wheel features touchpad for controls, the instrument cluster behind is full of electronic goodness. Then, there’s a large display for infotainment, a touch-sensitive AC panel below and a lot of wood which has been slapped around that. Below that is a curved satin silver panel which has pressure-sensitive controls for the hazard lights and something else we don’t know since we only managed a glimpse. There seems to be a touchpad and some more gizmos in the central tunnel too.


The magic continues at the back where each passenger is treated with a display fitted in the backrest and a touch panel and a tiny screen which were probably robbed out of a Martian ship.


Talking about the sky, look above, and the transparent glass above your head will fill your vision with eternal space. TATA-H5X-Interiors-3-600x450

And then there’s that door panel which has a mixture of wood, leather, metal and what not. Impressed? We sure are. Below are all the images we could manage to to capture through our lenses of the H5X’s amazing cabin.

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