The first teaser trailer of Need For Speed is here!

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Need For Speed 2015 (3)

The very first teaser trailer of Need For Speed is out! Featuring in game footage, which previews the stonking new game engine, the latest NFS promises to be refreshingly different…

About the game

No suffix – It will be addressed as “Need For Speed”, and is currently being developed at the Ghost Games studios at Gothenburg, Sweden, where the Car Throttle guys got some behind the scenes action and actually got to see the game in action.

They gathered that the latest iteration of the popular franchise will be centred around “deep customisation [and] authentic urban car culture.”

Need For Speed 2015 (1)

According to CT, Electronic Arts ensure that this will be more of a complete revamp of the franchise’s concept, rather than being a sequel to what’s gone by. Apparently, the NFS team has re-evaluated its recently forgettable past and delivered a true enthusiasts’ indulgence.

Need For Speed 2015 (7)

A well researched setting – EA acknowledges that the game glorifies ‘car culture’; the selection of cars being wide and varied, hosting something for every type of petrolhead. So expect a good spread of classic JDM stuff, RWB tuned Porsches, Rocket Bunny kitted Japs, bagged rides, American muscle and more.

Authenticity – The modifications were scrutinized by EA-owned Speedhunters, who ensured that every kit, splitter and spoiler stays true to a particular sub-culture’s style, or imbibe a popular tuner’s style.

Need For Speed 2015 (5)

The games is only set at night, with cool lighting effects and flared fenders glistening in the neon. EA admits that it’ll have a whiff of Underground 2 in it.

Need For Speed will be released in the Fall of 2015, and will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Need For Speed 2015 (7)
Need For Speed 2015 (6)
Need For Speed 2015 (5)
Need For Speed 2015 (3)
Need For Speed 2015 (4)
Need For Speed 2015 (2)
Need For Speed 2015 (1)

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