Tesla Ready To Introduce Robotaxi By The End Of This Year

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In present times, Tesla is that one carmaker who’s bearing the lantern of autonomous and electric vehicles. Last April, Tesla announced that it will be launching a fleet of self-driving robotaxis in the USA and now that 2020 is here, Elon Musk took to Twitter, responding to a query that the company is very much ready with the concept of Robotaxi and will be launching it by the end of this year. However, the play here is, even if Tesla manages to bring in a fleet of Robotaxis, will the regulatory bodies allow them to operate on public roads?

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As a bleeding-edge company, Tesla’s plans have always been very ambitious and this too follows the same footprint. The territory of achieving SAE level 5 autonomy is still uncharted and Tesla has only achieved at best, SAE Level 2 autonomy. What’s even more ambitious is that Tesla envisions 1 million of these fully autonomous cars on the road as a part of its Robotaxi network.

In a quest to achieve full autonomy, Tesla rolled out a stoplight and stop-sign feature as a software upgrade but the idea of achieving a sort of autonomy that would allow for driverless passenger vehicles is still a far cry. Even if we assume that Tesla manages to click all the checkboxes above, it would still be uncertain that whether the regulatory bodies and authorities will allow Tesla to put this initiative into motion on open public roads.

But it is Tesla we are talking about, headed by a very optimistic Elon Musk. The man, his ideas, and his workforce have always surprised us with the innovation they bring to the table and more so, putting them into reality. 2020 isn’t over yet and Tesla is putting all its brains and muscles in turning this into a reality. The company has already grabbed some big investors regarding this initiative despite the lockdown still being active. As of this moment, we aren’t sure whether Tesla would be able to pull off this rather ambitious project, but if there’s one company which can actually make this work, it is definitely Tesla.

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