Tesla Model S Hacking Contest Planned for Next Week; Winner gets 10,000 USD


Don’t be confused reading the title ! Yes, there is a Tesla Model S Hacking Contest being organized which will take place next week (July 16-17) in Beijing, China.

This might be the first time a hacking contest for a vehicle will be held. The competition will be held between July 16 and 17 in Beijing, China. Those interested can enter the contest by registering for the SyScan conference (click here) and will have the possibility of cracking the Tesla Model S by using one of the computers available during the event.


A Tesla Motors spokesperson informed Forbes that the company has no involvement in this contest but they do hope that all flaws found will be directed to Tesla to fix them as soon as possible. Already, Tesla Model S owners can easily report any flaws they find in their cars through the vulnerability disclosure program.

The person who will be able to take control of the Model S and do the most “damage” via a computer will win 10,000 USD. So you think you can hack a Tesla Model S ? Do let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

via : forbes.com

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  • johnson says:

    Yeah i can hack with a scale…..by inserting the scale in driver side window before inserting we need to remove the window beats and set thge scale on the door lock pipes and then push the scale down and it will be opened